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    Support The Troops

    Its that time of year again, where everyone starts buying poopy and remembrance day was only yesterday in the UK. Where do you stand on supporting the troops? Personally I think the whole thing is rather ridiculous and anyone who goes out to buy poppies should be ashamed of themselves. I dont understand why we should commend murderers who go to other countries and get involved in internal affairs that they have no business or right to get involved in.

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    Support the troops. Do what you can to keep them safe at home.
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    Like totally fucked up man

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    This thread isnt really bait, I just dont understand the weird obsession the media has with painting these soldiers out to be some kind of heroes. In reality they're people who have had little to no prospects in life, and joined the military as a last recourse because they arent afraid to getting their hands dirty

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    Another reason why the mainstream media is good for nothing ^

    The military is just a mercenary force of the corporations. Invading 3rd world countries to indiscriminately kill millions and steal resources or topple leaders is anything but heroic.

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    Acting as if the military itself is responsible for the "Crimes" it commits is absolutely absurd, hypocritical and strays so far from the root of the problem. The millitary is but the arm of society, how can the mind and body blame thhe arm when it hits someone? Critiquing the military is like critiquing the gun instead of the murder and the means he used to get the gun. When the military oppresses this and kills that, remember that it is. Carrying out the will of the society it works for. Any crime lies with the social order itself, the social order that me and you participate inand implcitly approve of, you and me are just as responsible for murder as any soldier... that is unless yyou're actively opposing the social order. Indirectly, we alll commit these crimes.

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    Beware of passive violence.

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    It clearly is responsible for the crimes it commits though, saying the fault rests solely on the governments shoulders is partially true but its equally absurd to say that none of the blame lies at the door of the people who sign up for military service. Comparing a human being to an inanimate object is truly shocking. We all have freedom of choice, and they know exactly what it is they have signed up for. Even if they didnt know, no one is forcing them to carry on with their military service their are multiple points where they can choose to resign from active duty.

    No, we arent. The government elect are responsible. The party in power represents the majority of public vote, not all of the public vote so of course the people who didnt vote them in can critique them. Besides that many people are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when they choose to vote, and they cant vote for the party they truly want in because it would never be elected. Its baffling that you think all of society is homogeneous.

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