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    Kingdom: seven flags , where to download it?

    hi everyone (been lurking forum since coalition war)

    anyone know where can i get the apk for this game? im kind of newb on geting japanese APKs and google play is all like "you are not from japan you get no apk"!!

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    Download QooApp and search Kingdom seven flags there. It gives you access to the japanese playstore. I'm pretty sure I've seen it while browsing it.

    If you manage, tell us how the game is!

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    You must be Android though. Are you Android?

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    Thought you were talking of seven flags the amusement park
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    ok thanks a lot, i just emulate all with bluestacks, by all i mean brave frontier which is the only game i play in android.
    will download qooapp and get it throught there. thanks a lot! will report later with some kind of miniguide at least.

    edit: ok didnt make it work got stuck on this pop up, it just repeats itself after i press "ok". If i figure out how to play ill update here.
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    here tokay
    We really need a great kingdom game, with booming sound, bombastic graphics and fancy gameplay.
    And a ministrōcide-mode in which both sides get a Riboku the other has to kill, but if you send him in the other players base, he starts taunting and as soon as the other tries to kill him all he/she gets is a "No, you can't. Don't fall for his psychological warfare." - oh what fun

    Flashing Mouten we need as well, saw a new transformation today on twitter

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