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    Shin's shocked face in a panel incoming

    I know it, you know it, we all know it

    Thanks to Cake~

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    stupid Mouki why don't you go to a gym to gain some muscles

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    The rookie trio is back to fuck some shit up!
    Favourite OP charcters: Dragon,Benn,Croc,Kuma,Aokiji,Fuji,Zoro,Kid,X Drake,Hawkins,Sanji,Daz Bones,Van Augur

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    You know the war is going to be big when Shin, Ouhon and Mouten are in it. The hype is real!

    I just dislike the physical growth. It seems to be the same as 5 years ago :s

    I wanna see something like this

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    Shin is on a step lower than the others so I can live with their height. But srsly they need new outfits

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    Finally more Ouhon

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    here tokay
    - a snowball fight, how droll - although the snowmen are pretty poor
    - SBK, STOP SWEATING for f### sake
    - Ten, you really need to grow
    - Mouten! the other states would crumble in one arc if only your knowledge stat was as high as you are sexy...

    öhm, I mean, top notch writing and pacing, as usual

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    Following the vertical and army, Changping and long beard friends

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