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    blackdragonstory's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    I predict luffy will be defeated right away akka he wont even put up a fight besides beating the fodder.
    Which will stop the big mom crew from killing him and will actually bring him to big mom.

    I agree,that sanji saw trough pudding lies.
    Shs didnt manage to avoid sea detection traps by her help,but instead by pekoms help.

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    I put the milk in first Loki's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Think its time for Chopper/Carrot and Sanji to relay the message to Luffy via mirror world

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    Neko's Avatar
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    May 2014
    It's possible that Sanji is playing Pudding and sees through her possible acting but i would not mind him actually having feelings for Pudding as long as he don't join BM because of it and plan to instead take her away from BM's grasp or something like that.

    As for next chapter, the Chopper/Carrot plot being resolved would be great if it's not going to get much more interesting then it currently is and i guess the chapter ends with Jinbie saving Luffy since we should have some decent focus on the army next chapter.

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