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    Wow first time Ive been first in an op chapter thread

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    Awesome. Time to read it now.

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    Bobbin is likely nobody :'(. Thrifty? Really? At least he had no food related epithet.

    I really hope the talk about the psychopath little girl is foreshadowing that Pudding is actually a crazy good liar and Sanji's CoO can tell she is bad to trick her later. Asking too much probably. Just another crybaby goody goody princess.

    Judge gonna betray BM, Capone will use the opportunity to deal damage or steal something important, Jinbe shows up and helps everybody escape, as does Lola and more good children. 3-Eyes/Pudding may be part of resistance.

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    A shame Bobbins is about to get off panelled by Luffy

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    Sword of the Morning Dellinger's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    Lmao Big Mom looks so happy

    Judge gonna betray BM
    Judge has a death wish?

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    In your heart
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex D Boss View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    A shame Bobbins is about to get off panelled by Luffy
    More like the Opposite..

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    You can tell hes gearing up to betray Big Mom

    'I guarantee it shall be a day that none of us forget'

    I honestly wouldnt be surprised if the whole wedding is gonna be one big homage to the red wedding in asoiaf

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    Smug royalty don't make deals with pirates.

    Pretty straight forward in your face foreshadowing about wedding day being memorable or whatever. Little girl be more foreshadowing 'crosses fingers'.

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    I see Bobbin is a little above Randolph lvl. at best. Seeing as he's leading the Army with the chick in the top hat who was portrayed beside Randolph.

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    Luffy is wrecking shit up. I want to see him use his conqueror's haki.

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    Extravlad's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    Luffy isn't winning this fight, Oda will build up hype for BM and her crew all arc long, thinking about how weak it would make them look if Luffy could deal with all those guys while being in a shit condition to begin with.

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    Where did Randolph even go?

    Mirror World with Brulee? Carrot&Chopper still running around Benny Hill style.

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    Pretty Flacko Jr. Tokio's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    loved the chapter. hope the story continues like this. can't predict how it's going to go from here at all.
    トキオ Love.$ex.Dreams

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    At least this puts a stop to the Dragon theories about him having a weather DF, wind logia clear by now

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    Good chapter. Wonder if Sanji will get married then go back to Pudding after his adventures are over like Roger did with Rogue.

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    Luffy was in the same condition vs Doffy. He might use G4 again.

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    I put the milk in first Loki's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    This arc is fantastic so far

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    I hope pudding is actually evil.

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    I feel like something clicked in Sanji's head when Pudding was telling him stuff. Seems like he found a way to use Pudding to help himself out of current predicament, hence the "you're my savior" comment.

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