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    Kingdom 495 Spoilers

    EDIT: full chap: /Edit

    *sees Rishi*
    Boredom, I carry, and lameness

    *sees map*
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    seems we'll start with the nice stuffs soon

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    map is interesting

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    I like Rishi

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    Oooh those maps look very interesting indeed! Are the name tags on them the cities of Zhao and/or the names of generals?

    Scroll down for more images, these are in higher quality and it seems Shin, Mouten and Ouhen will join in. SHK also seems to suggest something outrageous judging by Sei's expression.

    Side note: SBK still sweating and looking like the rest of the common politicians xD

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    SHK reminds Sei about his ass licker shin not even comparable to his best student mouten and genius ouhon

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    Mountains I see, hopefully this means Yotanwa joins in the fun

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    South Korea has been a wonder why meat update so fast ...

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    feint from kokuyou to the western zhou defense lines,
    and attack gyou (second greatest zhou city) with the risk of absolute devastation (rout) rip...

    oh god... x'D

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