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    Toriko 393 spoilers

    Here's the translation

    -Acacia and Toriko are crying (Acacia was a good guy all along.....)
    -The things NEO ate are alive inside (meaning NEO does not erase Gourmet cells but his stomach is kinda like a different dimension )
    -It seems Acacia and Pair were cooperating from the start
    -Acacia is reflecting upon his life, wondering why NEO chose him instead
    -Pair is crying when he realized his kin are now free (meaning they can revive)
    -Flashback to Acacia and Ichiryuu, Acacia realizing how NEO's appetite seems endless, he asked Ichiryuu to kill and attack him using anger, but he could not do it
    -Midora shows up, uses knocking on Acacia (unsure about the knocking part)
    -Acacia did not use Knocking on Joa, the blow he used was to finish him off
    -Midora remembers his first meeting with Acacia
    -While NEO's appetite was filled, Earth was still going to blow up
    -Somehow Aimaru brings Teppei with him and ask to do knocking on the Earth to stop the explosion
    Teppei says he cannot do such knocking, but with the help of Jirou's soul he does it, from here on he inherits the title of Knocking Master
    -Most important part is Pair explaining something about the cooking of planets and gourmet energy/cells
    -Anyway, Acacia at the end explodes and a lot of ingredients came from him
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    Heavenly fodders as irrelevant as ever.

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    Nice, pretty much matched my expectations except I didn't envision Jiro's soul returning to help out and I didn't expect that Acacia's Knocking on Joie was to kill him rather than save him.

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    Series is ending.

    2 more chapters probably.

    Lol at Zebra, Coco and Sani doing jackshit.

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    HOly shit. For realz.

    This means that Neo isn't at the top of the foodchain at all. There's bigger bosses out there.

    Especially the Teppei thing makes me filled with awesomeness.

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    Heavenly fodders as irrelevant as ever.
    walk in front of a bus please

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    @Nick Wilde;

    Spirit Knocking

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    so ending now

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    Heavenly fodders as irrelevant as ever.

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    So it's the end, just as I thought. Kinda sad, I wanted to see a full powered Neo in action.

    It seems The Sun Bitting Demon will stay just a tale. Shima probably had intentions to intruduce him, but had to rush his manga.

    Nice to see Jirou passed down his techniques to Teppei. Jirou's techniques are pretty broken.

    I wonder how many chapter left we have.

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    Knocking Master Teppei...

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    @Louis-954; oh man, didn't see that shit coming

    Seems like the predictions we've made in the previous chapter discussions are going to come true, Aimaru getting some role to stop the destruction (well, kinda), Acacia being the good guy all along and the fact that NEO cannot devour things out of existence.

    I'm kinda interested in that stuff Pair is gonna talk about at the end, hopefully it's gonna hint at the continuation.
    Still no announcement of the ending, right?

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