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    One Piece Chapter 844 Spoiler Thread

    from sandman at AP

    Chapter title is Luffy vs Sanji.

    Sanji's leg gets coated with fire. Germa's soldiers are surprised.
    Sanji kicks Luffy in his face and blows away, but Luffy still stands.

    Luffy "I won't fight you!!"
    Sanji "Then go away!"
    Luffy "I won't accept it, either!"

    Nami tries to convince Sanji, but Luffy stops her.

    Luffy "Don't interfere..This is a duel."

    Sanji keeps kicking Luffy one-sidedly. Finally Luffy is knocked down.

    When Sanji goes away, Nami comes and gives him a strong slap.

    Nami "Good-bye... Sorry for unnecessary anxiety..."

    Luffy "Wait!! Do you really think you can get rid of me only by this!? You kicked me many times, but it is you whose feeling hurts!!"

    Tears are falling from Sanji's face.

    Luffy "Our journey is still on the way!! I'll be waiting for you here!! If you don't come, I will gladly starve to death!! I eat only food cooked by you since you're our cook!!"

    Sanji can't help shedding tears.

    Luffy "Be sure to come back! Sanji...Without you, I can't become Pirate King!!"

    source: 2ch

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    Revolting spoilers, lets hope the chapter is better. Can't see how it will be.

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    That's it?

    Oda what are you doing mate?

    Here i was expecting a proper duel, not a few kicks and Sanji crying

    Chapter is also super short and there's no set up for next chapter, wow just wow

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    Sounds pretty bad. Whole chapter also sees kinda redundant

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    This is absolute nonsense.

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    Fuck Oda

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    I can't believe this shit is the entire fucking chapter at least give us a decent cliffhanger or something Oda...

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    Sounds boring, but best course of action is to wait until the chapter comes out.

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    I mean it's not surprising Luffy doesn't actually bother fighting

    How is he supposed to take Sanji's "I never liked you guys!" speech seriously.

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    uhh if Oda even pretends for one second this whole "goodbye" and shit is legit, he'll basically ruin the entire thing in my eyes. You just can't play this kind of card at this point in the story with all these guys have been through. I really hope the spoilers aren't quite what they sound like or he totally makes up for it with some massive shift or whatever in the next chapter.

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    These people always whine

    Oda did not make this Ussop and Luffy nor Arlong park scenario. Which is actually really good ?

    Those dumb wit who thought Luffy will fight Sanji must have forgetten that Luffy does not hit his friends unless its their mistake .See Luffy vs Bellamy

    This is not full spoiler for those who are complaining about short chaptwr

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    Wow that's all? Lets hope there is more to the chapter because this just feels too short and underwhelming at the moment. The content seems good enough but i don't know, it just seems like a very slow and underwhelming chapter. I did not expect them to fight for real so i'm not disappointed in that but i wanted more progression in this chapter then this. It just sounds like Sanji kicking Luffy for a couple of pages and then Luffy telling Sanji to go back and Sanji crying about it.
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    So much sob stories again... Classic E.Oda

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    I'm not surprised, it's what I expected. The only part I find unnecessary was luffy stating he'll wait and starve until sanji returns. He's not stupid he clearly understands sanji doesn't consent to the marriage so what exactly does this achieve? It comes across as desperate, it would have been better if he said he'll wait and if he doesn't arrive by x he'll leave the island.

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    Thet's it?

    Oda whut is yo' doin' mate?

    Here i was speckin' a right jool, not a few kicks an' Sanji cryin'

    Chapper is also super sho't an' thar's no set up fo' next chapper, wow jest wow

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    Is not that bad, I only hope there is another focus like chopper/carrot or big mom and that in the fight the germa get like "wow he can fight" vibres.
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    I expected Luffy vs Usopp level glory.


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    Thats why u people get disappointed and butthurt all the time because ur exceptions arent realistic at all, who the actual fuck excepted a real fight against both of em, like seriously...

    Oh wait now that I think about it u guys were discussing in the past chapter about how a serious fight between the two would go

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