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    Evolved Acacia Vs CENTER-Acacia

    Which version of Acacia takes it and why ?

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    Evolved Acacia being the one that got immune to Sky Deer's backchannel?

    Evolved Acacia easily.

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    Uhh......Center Acacia is Evolved know after he ate God and Center.

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    No evolved acacia is the when acacia evolved from Sky deers back channel which he still had NEO center Acacia is Acacia after eating center without NEO.

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    Evolved Acacia. That was Neo and Acacia while CENTER Acacia was just Acacia and I highly doubt CENTER is a power-up that can give Acacia the same magnitude of strength that Neo granted him.

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    Pretty sure the numbers of CENTER-Acacia is higher than Evolved Acacia but Neo's devouring ability is definitely something strong enough to pull a decisive victory here.
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