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    So, if I'm looking at this right, is Acacia done for?

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    a bit early to make that call

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    Yeah. I'd say so too.

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    Good foreshadowing @damage3245. Most of the things you say are very probable.
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    I don't think it's over, this feels more like a set up to something bigger IMO. If I'm wrong then this would be a very anti-climactic finish overall, but we'll know soon enough.

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    By the way, you guys are jumping to conclusions too fast. Toriko still has no control over Wings or Blue. He can only control Red as of this point. In the Chapter, Wings only jumps out for a instants and punches Acacia-Neo then goes back.
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    nobody said anything about Toriko controlling Wings.

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    Anybody got the link to the raws? Somebody posted them here last time MS was late.

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