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    Toriko 392 Spoilers.

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    Did Shima just toss Midora aside and didn't show his GD?

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    White got really interesting.

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    Series ending.

    It does not seem like Shiro came out tho.

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    White should not be out this early and ya I wanted to see more of Midora..... Hopefully

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    This shit ain't making sense so we skip blue and go right to wings

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    Did Shima just toss Midora aside and didn't show his GD?
    We've seen twice, it's shit move on

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    I know you like being a hater of Midora for whatever reason, but his Appetite Demon isn't shit. It has one of the best designs for a demon in the series.

    Wings looks insanely OP in the spoilers. Also their planet gets abused even more.

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    I don't understand why he hadn't even used a limb eat u think he would of.

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    Honestly, why even introduce blue if he's going to just become irrelevant like that?
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    He's Toriko's new main Appetite Demon - since he still cannot handle Wings coming out for more than a split-second.

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    Shima should've let Midora eat GOD and take care of Acacia. Then, let Toriko/Wings take care of Neo.

    Also, I wonder if Blue will even be able to eat a compatible ingredient to him to be relevant again.

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    392: "Full Course of Rage!!"
    Acacia has absorbed the Eight Kings and powered up.

    Toriko's full course of rage:
    Appetizer: Nail Punch
    Soup: Nail Gun
    ...attacks continue like that through the dessert.

    Food Lucks form around the Toriko's fist that had been eaten.
    Komatsu and the others appear to be okay because of the Food Luck too.

    Just before he can take in all the Food Luck in the area, Acacia is stopped by a fist.
    The one who stopped Acacia's attack was the White Demon.
    White Demon: "You've eaten too much."
    Acacia is crushed by the White Demon's punch.

    More pics here
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    Shiro putting NEO on his place.

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    Wings hype

    Don't worry about writing a coherent story Shima, just keep feeding us more planet-busting feats.

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    can't wait to see Wings in action, though I also kinda dislike how Blue became totally irrelevant. So far his role was only to delay Heracles and one Blue Nitro, I hope there is gonna be more :-/

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    i could only really see blue serving as a power up to toriko by allowing himself to get eaten, at this point

    but wings is making me doubt whether toriko is really nearing it's end

    if he's truly this powerful there must be a lot more to cover, and greatly more powerful foes to beat
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    Yes and Yes to everything. The series are really coming to an end. My guess for a best case scenario is a spinoff. Now that Toriko has Blue and Wings as his two GDs. But that's just me hoping for the best. Still, it should come to no surprise that NEO could only be defeated by Wings. Now, will they "cook" him? If he's killed he'll eventually revive.
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    I think Froese is taking care of the cooking of Neo from the Soul World. This obviously isn't the last chapter of the series but it may be the last major chapter of the final fight; all that remains is sealing Neo if possible.

    And even if they do manage that, they still need to stop the Earth from exploding - possibly Aimaru's job.

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