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    here tokay

    Kingdom 493 Spoilers

    - their father being a ten-bow under The Duke is pretty much confirmed now so @Saki; worst case scenario
    - plus the father wore a huge feather
    - I can't get used to the younger brother's style. He looks like Ten and seems to be brash/stupid as Shin. Also his round-eyed face combined with his duncing stare makes it feel like HSU is employing child soldiers now (yes, common back then, it just rubs me wrong).
    - besides that, training montage
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    Shin himself started at 13

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    Hmm yea I don't like it all. The glorification of last chapter didn't need to be dragged here 1/5 chapter

    On the flip side, Shin's drawn really well in this chapter

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    I hate how Shin trying to portrays how HSU are some kind of saint on the battlefield to the commoners and illustrate it like some sort of romance in the battlefield when in reality it's opposite . Ouhon explanations about commoners in army probably closer to reality .

    Ouhon = realist
    Shin = Bullshitter

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    As I said it was common. True Shin was way younger, yet he got kinda dragged into the whole thing than just applying to some unit after spending you life living as a hunter (so far the spoilers, maybe we get a different story by TF)..

    I just don't see the point in getting a male cutesy-wootsy version of Ten. Oh well, if Hara likes it that way. As long as the youngling drops the feathers.

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    All lolicons lol, HAHAHAHA... PERVERTS x'D

    Why'd you join for HSU, ''we heard about that pretty girl, Ten''
    Meanwhile at Kyoukai side... ''shining all over Kyoukai'' all the guys motivated HAHAHAHA x'DDDDDDD

    Anyways, that drilling from hell ..... more drilling, then lastly more drilling...
    OH GOD... Even the current military isn't this bad LOOOLLLL...

    This would be on a par with special corps (commando's) ....

    So what's the next thing on the agenda, more training lol?! xD

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    Ten's 18 and Kyoukai 21

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    awww, oh well, it was funny aslong it lasted x'D
    anyways big war at Zhao or war at Wei which one will be first.

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