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    Midora vs Toriko

    Assume hypothetically speaking Midora ate Center and God.

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    Yeah Midora takes it.

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    It's a bit underwhelming how Midora would struggle to win against current Toriko in this scenario, but that bringing revived Blue to the table would be overkill and we still have Wings to go.

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    I was about to say assume Toriko has access to 100% Blue.


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    Is midora going to eat his demon or be eaten and I don't believe he has the same connection as red and toriko.
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    Frohzes GD said if you eat your compatible ingredient you're going to be fine.

    Midoras a pretty weird case.

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    With 100% Blue he wrecks. 100% Red would be a good challenge already.

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    I don't think 100% blue would wreck Midora. Midora with fc would beat Red Toriko mid diff probably. It provides a tremendous boost. I don't think Blue would stomp Red so no reason to believe he would demolish Midora though he would probably take it.

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    Just Toriko and Midora wins.

    We're seeing Red's full might and it's completely underwhelming. Weird as hell he only seems to be doing moderately better than Midora. Shows how incredible the Disciples really are.

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    He'd probably beat Red Toriko, but 100% Blue Toriko absolutely destroys Midora wtf?

    Lmfao....base Blue is 8-king/pre-GOD NEO level. BASE. Red even with 6 FC is still below a blue nitro. That's a GIGANTIC difference of power. Hell no.

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    I don't see how Toriko counters HS or MW

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    Toriko with his blue demon would probably beat Midora. Red alone is fighting NEO around the same intensity as Midora without Center and God. With the blue demon's boost, Midora even with Center and God would most likely lose. However, it's no easy win for Toriko since the Center and God boosted NEO to even more godly levels.
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