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    chapter 391 spoilers








    アカシア「てめぇのソレは ためるのに時間が…」










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    what does it say ?

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    monkey king and deerking death? R.I.P lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanks4565 View Post
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    monkey king and deerking death? R.I.P lol
    Sky dear was my favorite

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    It is confirmed.
    A large amount of blue nitro us before one dragon.
    And never seen food has been going on far.
    Furoze during cooking is wearing in there.
    On the other hand acacia vs Toriko.
    Acacia reliably overlaying the damage in Toriko of attack.
    Dragon King is preparing a different dimension laser.
    Acacia "the hell it is time to accumulate ..."
    The energy in the moment in the "underworld" of Sky Deer will become a full tank.
    Soul of acacia that was trying to avoid a fall out.
    "" Search of Okamio (Guinness search) ""
    Pair also mixed, Hachio also shoot the whole body of the blow to the four heavenly kings.
    But Acacia as possible eat even the attack.
    Guinness of the head to bite one further tearing bite the neck of the Dragon King,
    Branch in the roar on goal, Komatsu, Otake, defeated collectively Nakaume.
    Here fat, zebra, Sunny died in the further out from the eye beam.
    Monkey King, also Sky Deer death.
    Toriko "Now ... Owaraseyo will Neo ... !!"
    "This is the end ... of the whole body ... !!"
    "!!'s Full course of anger"

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    Acacia took out Guinness, Derous, Bambina and Deer King

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    Spoilers look legit with the pictures no.w Ill see if I can summarise it to an extent:

    -Ichiryuu is surprised to see a large amount of nitro, and says it's blue nitro
    -He hears cooking in he background, and goes to investigate it. He sees frohze cooking.
    -Acacia vs toriko, acacia is taking all of toriko's attacks, and begins reverting into neo...
    -Derous is preparing his multi dimensional laser
    -Acacia decides its time to finish this
    -Mean while, the deer king is also preparing its ultimate attack that even acacia will find it hard to minimize any kind of damage
    -Pair, the 8 kings and the other heavenly kings all attack acacia at the same time but acacia just eats their attack
    - Guiness head is bitten off from acacia, the same with derous.
    -Brunch tries to run away with the cooks, but ends up getting blown away by acacia's roar.
    -The monkey king and sky deer are torn apart by acacia. The heavenly kings are damaged from acacia's beam attack
    -Pair is in a state of shock, and remembers how terrifying NEO was in the past.
    - Toriko states neo is finished, time for the full course of anger!
    -At the end teppei notices some light coming from a gap in the ground

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    what business do the three cooks have here???

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    Acacia is looking more freakish than ever.

    So, any chance any of this isn't actually happening? The deaths of Guinness and Derous, along with possibly Sky Deer and Bambina is quite intense all at once. As well as the Heavenly Kings being blown apart with Komatsu. Is all of this possibly just trying to get Toriko mad?

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    3HK just became Yamcha, Krillin and Tien in a matter of 50 chapters.

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    3HK just became Yamcha, Krillin and Tien in a matter of 50 chapters.
    pretty sad people base their like of characters based on powerlevels

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    It's not just power levels, but their actual importance in the plot. Starjun, Toriko and Midora have been the 'main character' in this fight against Acacia.

    The other Heavenly Kings got off-panelled by Joie a dozen chapters ago.

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    Don't the pics show Komatsu dying as well? even the other 3HK? So Neo either ate all of these guys who had anger or he ate/destroyed all of these guys and toriko gets more mad.

    pretty sure we're going to see some poison dolls or CENTER in action.

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    also wonder if midora is spectating on the sidelines.

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    poison dolls.

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    So much stuff again

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    Yeah seems a bit much.

    Maybe when Pair taste changed Toriko this is what he saw.

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    Damn, I honestly don't know how to respond to these spoilers. On one hand I love seeing acacia rampaging like a madman and killing everything in sight, on the other hand it feels far too sudden for this many combatants to be taken out of the game so soon. There's also the question if there is indeed any trickery going on or not, which a part of me is inclined to believe. I'll have to read the whole chapter before I give out my response.

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