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Thread: Zoomania

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    I'm just watching it right now

    and all I can say is

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    Moving this to the Entertainment section.

    The Commander From Hell

    We The North

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    At least comment on the movie you pleb

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    im in the middle of it now and the change of story is

    - - - Updated - - -

    "Doug is the opposite of friendly.

    he is unfriendly"

    thanks for clarification

    - - - Updated - - -

    That flash ending

    best animated film in ages

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also what's with the sexual tension between fox and rabbit

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also the message of the film is just

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    best couple 2k16

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    Watching it again just now

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    Zoomania? You mean Zootopia?

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    I've heard people call it Zootopia and Zootropolis, but not Zoomania.

    Edit: stop copying me tifa

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    You copied me first!

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    when i want to discuss the movie and people complaint about the name

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    Must be half decent if you changed your name to one of the characters.

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    just fanboying over it like a pre-teen girl

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    Its actually pretty good. The deleted scenes were pretty dark tho. In a way i'm glad they cut them out.

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    you mean the "tamer" things with electo shockers for every hunter animal?

    yeha that was pretty dark. i really enjoyed the lightearted atmosphere at the surface paired with much to think in the backround

    if it would be so plain obvious with taming and electro shocks i get a feeling a little of the sensation would be lost

    anyway. nickXjudy - i ship that

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    Yeah those scenes were a bit much.

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    i am currently looking for audio commentars and stuff like this. thinking of actually buying the blue rays. first buy in years.

    cant belive ive fallen in love with this movie so quickly

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    Going to actually buy the blue ray of it

    also just watched the DMV scene in Dufferent languages

    hilarious as duck

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    Zootopia is going to win an Oscar tonight

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    Your friendship?
    I'll take it!

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