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    @Crispinianus; any time for a corner?

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    I agree with @Void;'s analysis on post 19(?) Ordo gets no competition taking the south"hill"/mountain, and from there will be able to get into Riboku's back thus encircling Felix's base. Once Renpa joins the siege, I don't see Felix holding that much longer. Not an easy victory, that's for sure, but I give this one to Void [VOID]

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    It's post 20 but thanks

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    I'll give this another full day.

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    I am too lazy to argue right now though I don't think Ordo with so few men is a significant threat especially when the fort will be well fortified at that point and Ordo will be seen coming and will take quite a while to get there.

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    It's not about the number of men, it's about sending a message

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    Forgot yesterday but

    congrats to felix though, you put together a balling team and made it to the finals again.

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    Sad only one vote :

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    Lol.. I Forgot to vote.

    I worked overtime and go back to work right after I woke up

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    Looking forward to your idea now

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    CyK 3 Finals felixng2015 versus

    Failed wounds is not the same as failed penetration rolls. Do the to-hit rolls of 6 cause a glance or the penetration rolls?A glance would take down a void shield. After shields are down they would cause the loss of a Hull Point.36 D6 should roll six 6s on average.Matt

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