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    CyK 3 Finals: felixng2015 versus Void

    Troops: 300k for each side
    All of these guys are meeting for the first time, so no prior experience in dealing with a certain enemy i.e. Tou knowing Reiou likes to use pincers or Ouki fighting Houken.
    In character: Characters are in character except when it severely compromises team synergy i.e. Houken wanting to challenge any strong general on his team. However, if it's their strategy/tactical quirk, like Ousen's refusal to straight up fight a competent opponent or Kanki not keeping his allies informed of his moves during battle, they keep it.
    Synergy: Characters that have canon synergy/familiarity keep it, like Hakurei and Kouyoku or Kaine and Futei.
    Elites: elites can do independent actions but they cannot be assigned to another character. You can have Karin's elites assist Bajio in an objective but he cannot lead them.
    Knowledge: No knowledge since they are meeting for the first time
    Fire: Only guys that have shown use of fire can use fire (GHM, Kanki, Zenou, Raido)
    Prep: each team gets two free days of prep

    Prep: each officer gets two prep clauses if a player decides to use prep. This is active in your initial deployment area only, you cannot scout out areas outside of your deployment area for example.

    Strat outline:

    Picture and/or descriptions of your initial troop placement, NO CLAUSES.

    General strategy (5 sentences MAX)

    One general gets three clauses, other generals get two and anyone below the level of a general gets one (like squad commanders). Clauses are one sentence MAX.

    Prep (if applicable): two clauses for every character


    The battleground is dominated by an abandoned fortress placed in the central highland. The players start in two deserted villages, at the opposite corners of the map. Villages are connected to the central fortress by a paved road, which provides faster travel than regular plains but they don't always go for the straightest direction. Up north there's a mountain, down south a lake, which allows passage through shallows and small atolls. Main part of the map is forested, but there are uncovered plains near the lake (Blue side) and near the mountain (Red side).


    Renpa: 105 tag
    Kokuou: 15
    Bajio: 20
    Fuuki: 15
    Shumen: 10
    Junsou: 12
    Ordo: 30 alias trade
    Gaimou: 40 alias trade
    Shin: 20 alias trade
    Kou Rigen: 15
    Gika: 15
    Shunmen mountain men 5k: 10
    Bajio mountain men 5k: 10
    Ordo mountain men 2.5k: 5
    Renpa elites 2.5k: 5
    Fuuki chariots 200: 4
    2 days of prep: 2

    Houken: 51
    Kaine: 13
    Kyouen: 30
    Riboku: 75 tag
    Kanmei: 71
    Seikai 25
    Futei 10
    Kaioku: 15
    8000 Special Zhao Cavalry: 16
    9000 Kanmei Elites: 18
    5000 Kyouen Archers:10

    Time for 2 day strats will start once @Crispinianus; decides who starts where

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    Void left, Felix right.

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    How much time do i have left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by felixng2015 View Post
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    How much time do i have left?
    Little bit more than 12 hours
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    Ok i can make it tonight probably unless i forgot

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    DQ victory
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    I've been busy and don't really have the time to do this stuff at the moment but I will do the strat right now since I think it would be lame if I just dropped out like that.

    Once I have a bit more time and get shit in order I will try to host something similar to this that isn't as time consuming and more dynamic. Thought of some interesting ideas but haven't had time to put it together yet.

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    strats are real time killers
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    Yep aiming to avoid that with what I plan next.

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    Did I win yet?
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    Nope i sent it but crispi hasnt posted it

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    Felix's moment


    Riboku Army (150k troops total)

    Riboku + Houken (142k troops + 8k Zhao fast cavalry)

    Kyouen Army (50k troops total)

    Kyouen (45k troops + 5k elite archers)

    Kanmei Army (100k troops total)

    Kanmei + Kaioku + Futei + Kaine (64k troops + 9k Kanmei elites + 7k Zhao fast Cavalry)

    Seikai (19k archers, 1k poison archers riding Zhao Fast Cavalry + 1 poison ballista)

    Kanmei (60k troops + 9k kanmei elites)

    General Strategy:

    Kanmei and co rush pass the bottom land bridge with the Kanmei + Zhao cavalry leading the charge and Kanmei elites
    just behind them supported by poison archers. They will crush any visible enemies and if no enemies show Kaioku and/or Riboku
    may decide to fire a poison canister into the forest to draw them out. Riboku will take the fastest path to the centre area with
    the Zhao Cavalry and Houken leading the way establishing a sturdy base. Kyouen will take the longer path there so the it will be less congested and along the way 1000 troops
    will split off and act as scouts and fire a signal if enemies try to approach from the rear through the mountain like territory.


    Riboku: Act as commander in chief. Establish a sturdy base that is protected on all sides including the rear and send reinforcements to Kanmei if he needs them.

    Houken: Follow Riboku's orders.

    Kyouen: Support Houken and Riboku.

    Kanmei: Crush any foes that get in the way, listen to advice from Kaioku and Riboku.

    Two Zhao Clowns: Listen to orders from Kaioku, protect Seikai if he is in danger.

    Kaioku: Be in charge of tactical manuevers in the southern army.

    Seikai: Support Kanmei, stay safe and listen to orders from Kaioku


    Everyone: Prep troops so they can move quickly and swiftly. Have a few thousand troops carry the majority of supplies while the rest move forward swiftly with horses.

    Kaioku: Prep hq and defenses and traps to the right area.

    Void's chance:

    Buffer army/vanguard:

    Fuuki vanguard: 50k
    Fuuki detachment: 25k
    Dust army: 200 chariots and 1k cavalry dusters

    Kokuou: 5k bandits and 5k archers
    Gika: 5k archers
    Kourigen: 5k archers
    Junsou: 25k

    Ordo and Shunmen: 2.5k Ordo mountain men/5k Shunmen mountain men with 22.5k
    Ordo detachment: 20k

    Total: 171,200

    Rearguard (A is the extent of where they could be deployed until messengers get back):
    Renpa and Gaimou: 2.5k elites and 82.5k army
    Shin: 5k HSU unit + 1.9k unit
    Bajio: 5k mountain men + 1.9k unit
    Reinforcement army: 30k

    Total: 128,800

    General strategy:

    Buffer army/vanguard will deploy as shown in pic (largely spread out in the forest to avoid poison gas) except for the Fuuki duster army which will be in the open to create a dust cloud where they are deployed. The main objective of the buffer army is to spy on where felix's armies are deployed and report back to Renpa so he can deploy the rearguard accordingly. Their other objective is to make sure felix's offensive is stalled in the forests by way of traps (like this and with archers in the trees) and flank the southern felix advance on the plains with detachments. All buffer armies are to engage in guerilla warfare if attacked in the forest and make sure to blunt and bleed out felix's offensive. The entire rearguard army led by Renpa will deploy where Kanmei or Houken is spotted crossing over to my side of the river, but if they are together, then try to lure them in the forest to lose one and double team the other.


    -Watch the northern fort from the forest and seize it only if Riboku and Seikai are not in the area (mountain or near it on the other side of the river)
    -reinforce other fronts if no enemy activity is detected around the northern mountain area

    -assist Ordo

    -coordinate central buffer army guerilla and archer defense in the forest
    -attack the north mountain and/or central forest if vulnerable by Kokuou's instincts

    -use instincts while observing the central fort to report to Renpa who is stationed there

    -flank any attacks on the central army with arrows

    -flank any attack on the cetral army with arrows

    -coordinate the southern buffer army guerilla, luring traps, and flanking maneuvers from the forest with dust army and detachment
    -reinforce Renpa's advance if he decides to advance in the south

    -double team Houken or Kanmei in a fight with Gaimou
    -use instincts to attack and direct attacks (even crossing rivers with boats if appropriate)to vulnerable areas, whether it be the mountain, central fort, or enemy village after killing Kanmei and/or Houken with Gaimou
    -seek out Seikai to kill if killing him is possible without being poisoned while countering Kyouen's threat

    -double team Kanmei or Houken in a fight with Renpa

    -assist Renpa's army by dealing with lower officers like Futei, Kaine, Seikai, Kaioku, and Kyouen first then helping the pair with Kanmei/Houken

    -assist Renpa's army by dealing with lower officers like Futei, Kaine, Seikai, Kaioku, and Kyouen first then helping the pair with Kanmei/Houken

    prep (2 days used so 4 overall)

    -all personnel will be armed with lightweight and arrow proof rattan armor with handkerchiefs soaked in urine to resist poison gas
    -all troops are armed with bows/arrows and swords or spears

    buffer army:
    -traps like the one linked above as well as ropes and the such will be made to deter and destroy the felix army in the forest

    reinforcement army:
    -make boats to cross the rivers
    -cut down trees for logs to be used in traps and river obstructions
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    Bolids, we begin.

    Action, drama, bloodshed!

    @felixng2015; @Void;

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    Just when I'm getting ready to go to work

    his "moment" and my "chance"?
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    Rattan is a type of tree that could be made into an armor called rattan paper armor, it was used by people shu faced and it was extremely hard for swords to slash and arrows to pierce, if they could at all. Obviously, I don't expect it to stop a Kyouen arrow or Kanmei hit but the purpose of it is to serve as protection to Seikai poison arrows, which it should do excellently. Its weakness is fire and water though.
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    at first glance:
    - Riboku got no competition on taking the fort
    - Ordo will take the mountain (but the activities there is only scouts being wary of people coming from the mountain)
    - Kanmei and the south army can either be slaughtered, or being saved by Seikai's poison.

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    Not sure how this is going to go to be honest. Kanmei isn't going to go into the forest since he has no orders to do so and is only going to attack enemies in open sight. Also he has Kaioku there to make sure he doesn't do anything foolish.

    Poison canisters should be able to take out some of Fuuki's troops and possibly draw them out assuming they don't move back in time. It will be difficult to double team Kanmei or Houken under these circumstances but at the same time the forests will be very annoying to deal with and going inside will be very dangerous.

    I didn't put much clauses to be honest was in too much of a rush.

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    Riboku moves to my advantage, I don't want the fort and he'll be surrounded if everything goes my way, which looks likely as Ordo takes the mountain and threatens Kyouen while Renpa and my attack army slaughter Kanmei's army with some effort but enough in the tank to get behind Riboku.

    My dust chariots should prevent Kaioku from ordering a gas attack on the forest for some time I think.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Dust chariots also mask Renpa's advance but he will be slower to engage kanmei
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