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    Toriko vs Midora

    now that toriko has eaten acacia's full course and ogre how do you think he stacks up against midora?
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    Toriko would probably win.

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    Yeah, until Midora pulls out his demon Toriko wins.

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    I would still give it to Midora cause Food Luck and MW hax.

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    Toriko would eat Midora's food luck.

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    Most likely Toriko until Midora shows more with his demon

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    Toriko would win as he is now. Should Midora eat GOD and CENTER then it becomes an entirely different story.

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    Toriko ate 6 full course menu items and was still having trouble with one blue nitro.... granted this power up should be huge ill give Midora the benefit of then doubt for how broken he is also the fact we haven't even seen his demon yet not even a limb...

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    I'm not ready to say Toriko is stronger than one of the strongest dudes in the series yet.

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    Toriko has the raw power now, but I'm not sure how he gets past Midora's hax.

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    An enraged punch from Midora sent Acacia only a continent away. An EXTREMELY CASUAL punch from Toriko sent him around the damn planet entirely. Toriko as of right now is on another tier from even Midora. His MW gets countered the same way Acacia did it and Toriko is brute forcing his way through hungry space. This is assuming he can't just blitz him honestly.

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    All that tells us is that Toriko is a physical monster. He always has had disproportionately strong striking and lifting strength.
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    @StarLevel; Acacia was able to brute force his way through hungry space due to having insane regen (it worked on him, but his regen was so insane that he was able to walk through it and then regenerate afterwards). Toriko, as far as we know, doesn't have that kind of regen. As for minority world, he can only counter one aspect of it through this method, which is cancelling out Midora's ability to redirect his attacks with it.

    This still leaves Midora with food luck as well. Not to mention knocking seeing as he copied it from Acacia last chapter and used it to save Star. Toriko should be above Midora in raw power, but hax is another story altogether.

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    Couldn't Midora copy all of Toriko's techniques and then use them in a special or stronger degree?
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    Pretty sure Toriko got quite a bit of food luck himself now =P

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    Midora's Gourmet Luck should have a limit since it's not originally his ability. On the other hand, Toriko's Food Luck should be genuine thing (moreover now when Star gave him his FL or wtf was that supposed to mean).
    Also Toriko should be levels above Midora strength wise now imho.
    @The Saiyan Prince Vegeta;
    Imho the regen comes mainly from eating AIR, right? I mean Midora ate AIR before he encountered Joie and showed his unbelievably broken regeneration.

    And not just that, even ENBU helps a lot when it comes to regenerating insane wounds as seen in these chapters

    Considering this, Toriko should have even better regen than Acacia and Midora since he is the only one out of 3 that mastered ENBU. He should be able to force his way through the Hungry Space like Acacia did. What might help Midora to win this fight is the Minority world though, moreover considering that Toriko probably doesn't really know about that techniques since Ichiryuu never used it against him.

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    I'm pretty sure Midora's regen comes from minority world.

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    Midora still destroys him

    All these nerds here doubting Midora's strength

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    One thing is for sure though, Minority World won't be doing in Toriko anymore. It's mainly used as regeneration now.

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