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    You guys are looking into it too much lol

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    This chapter was meh

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    You know there has to be more behind Kuga helping Soma, than he's letting on. Even if he beat Soma in a future shokugeki Azami would just dismiss him from the E10 again. Doesn't make sense.

    The Hayama hype really making Kurokiba look suspect given how much he struggled against Rentals.

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    Yeah, it's stupid considering his plan hinges on the biggest rebel getting a seat in the first place, much less him holding on to it for Kuga to challenge

    He's stirring the pot though so I guess it was a half assed attempt to get Souma to up the stakes
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    Where are you all getting Rindou being better than Eishi or letting him have the 1st seat? Am I missing an entire page or something'?

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    Did you read the extra chapter when they were middle school students?
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