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  1. #21
    okay chapter, but the amount of forced hype and whacked up powerlevels


    Mimasaka's older bro?

    But it was after Rentals got defeated by Kurokiba huh? Interesting.

    This is hilariously stupid

    Hayama's stagiaire mentor must've been someone really good.

    The girl is promising

    Foodgasm so intense he turned into a manlet

    - - - Updated - - -


    don't tell me that's mistletoe

  2. #22
    All those broken images.

  3. #23
    It's all MS, is MS not available to you?

  4. #24
    It usually is available, I don't know the problem.

  5. #25
    I think MS said they can't hotlink anymore but it works for me right now.

  6. #26
    Oh well.

    Do you think we'll see Hayama's Stagiaire during his match with Souma?

  7. #27
    We better, he can't just polish his skills and have his growth be bigger than Souma's when Souma has actually been fighting all this time.

  8. #28
    True. I can see him being in a restaurant with a former 1st seat as well.

  9. #29
    I'm thinking that former first seat has to be better than Shino while also fitting his style to a T.

  10. #30
    That's what I thinking.

    Hopefully it's a female first seat.

  11. #31
    Wait, if it's a female first seat, Hayama could've fallen for her and decided to leave Shiomi.

    And this home wrecker could've been an alumni supporter of Azami so she helped turned him to the dark side.

  12. #32
    Oh man that would be really good.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think that might deserve its own thread.

  13. #33

  14. #34
    I don't like the idea that Hayama "falls" for another persons... that's kinda dumb and doesn't fit.
    There are two types of opinions: wrong opinions and my opinions.

  15. #35
    We can just say she's a dominatrix or whatever and she's got him spun around her finger. Or he's using both women.

  16. #36
    @Void; Bear Curry.

  17. #37
    tbf, the guy that posted said Souma would be the one to make the dish, but I think Hayama's more likely to do it

  18. #38
    I bet on Hayama doing it.

  19. #39
    It seems a bit too obvious though, it'd be kinda poetic justice for Souma to do it and win though

  20. #40
    Imagine how Hayama would feel though.

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