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    Shokugeki no Souma Chapter 182 Discussion Thread

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    I liked it.

    Kinda weird how they needed a stretcher for those 3rd years though.

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    Skraawwk!! Makenzye's Avatar
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    I liked the reptile bit.

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    Ink Spot's Avatar
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    So Rindou might be just as good as Eishi or maybe even better?

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    Rindou is a weirdo that's nice to have around

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    Cafe Conqueror X's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    I was hoping to see the other two new Elite Ten Members revealed. Guess Ash Ketchum is cooking now after losing yet again in another Pokemon League.

    The Commander From Hell

    We The North

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    and he'll lose yet again in another Cooking League.

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    13th page Hayama's spice explosion

    And they had to bring the stretcher too

    Thats pretty crazy though. The 3rd years>>Rentals and Hayama demolished them

    I wanna see Rindou vs Eishi wonder who would win
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    Quote Originally Posted by felixng2015 View Post
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    Thats pretty crazy though. The 3rd years>>Rentals and Hayama demolished them
    It does imply a sizeable gap has grown between Hayama and Kurokiba. Kurokiba had a hard time with Rentaro and said their match could have gone either way, Rentaro got wrecked by the 3rd year, and Hayama crushed that 3rd year so hard they needed a stretcher.

    Hayama>>>3rd years>>Kurokiba>=Rentaro

    Seems a bit strange if we take it at face value.

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    Sincerely Insincere Y's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    I think Rindou is going to be more important later down the line so handing it to her.

    Haymas got some serious hype.

    still losing.

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    Skraawwk!! Makenzye's Avatar
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    I'm still thinking he and Souma tie, turning the Italian guy into Piccolo while Hayama becomes Vegeta.

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    I might be looking into it a bit too much, but the clothing of the un-named elite 10 member on the left of Hayama may indicate a few things. It's generally considered that differing heights shows the rank of a chef within a kitchen, with the longer the hat the more competent a cook they are. Also this style of uniform dates back to, and is quite prevalent in France, so they might have an expertise in French cuisine. A bit of speculation but you never know.

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    Wow Hayama dominating third years

    all this hype would make souma look even better once he beats him

    Maybe he'll do it by sticking a piece of that tree up hayama's ass.

    rindou x tsukasa

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    Honestly not sure how I feel about Hayama stomping 3rd years.

    But then again going by Rindou's statements about Kuga and Isshiki they should be able to do the same.

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    I don't know why you're complaining about Hayama's success @Albion; your boy has a chance of winning you that bet.

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    @Dreamer; Oh I dislike Hayama.

    I only voted for him because everyone else was voting for Souma.

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    DoflaMihawk's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Kokoko, so Rindou is just letting Eishi have the first seat, eh?

    Wonder who's really stronger

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    Hayama is that strong, huh?

    Really makes you wonder how strong Soma is and how weak Kurokiba is now.
    There are two types of opinions: my opinions and wrong opinions.

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    PIERCE THE HEAVENS Bold's Avatar
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    The chapter was alright. My only complaint is the number of 3rd years is meant to be tiny compared to the amount there were when they first joined Totsuki. It's a surprise the Elite 10 3rd years couldn't recognise their peers since they went through experiences like elections, stagaires, shokugekis and shared dorms with them, along with everything they do in their 2nd year. Kuga even called them well known 3rd years so I don't get that. I'd have liked to have seen Rindou or one of the others to have had an idea of a few people having potential in the 3rd or 2nd years. As it was, it feels more like they were thrown in for the sake of it rather than having a history tied into the academy.

    And Hayama is making Kurokiba is look like a pile of turd.

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    You know what?

    I almost can see that Rindou gave up first seat because it goes with troublesome things and seeing Eishi with those troublesome things is interesting

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