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Thread: 386 Spoilers

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    If Acacia had a capture level of over 8000 and NEO had one of 22k how would Acacia knocking even effect him with such a diff in capture level ?
    Cause CL doesn't equal strength plus knocking is broken

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    Midora still looking bored out of his mind.


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    lmao just have Midora eat GOD and be done with this.

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    I'm not adding them together. The chapter is doing that as that's essentially what's said.

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    midora still gonna lose, he's not the one who gets to beat acacia

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    I'm liking Acacias moveset though.

    It's Ichibei on roids

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    I still don't like that all he seems to use is appetite energy attacks. Did he not get anything new when he ate Neo?

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    He got the consumption of attacks that Neo uses frequently. He uses it in this chapter as well.

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