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Thread: 182 spoilers

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    182 spoilers

    >begins with a flashback
    >the current six Elites and Azami are having a meeting
    >Rindou isn't happy that Isshiki and the other two were removed
    >Rindou: Tsukasa! Bring me some tea!
    >Tsukasa: All right...
    >Nene: Eizan, you pour her some since you're the kouhai
    >Eizan: Who are you ordering around, woman
    >Momo: I thought we were rid of the noisy little brother (Kuga) but it seems we had another youngest child here
    >Eizan: Who're you calling the youngest child!?

    >Azami sets up a battle royale with all the Central students
    >the three that survive will join the Elites
    >among the assembled students is Hayama (already fallen to the darkness)
    >flashback ends

    >Souma and Kuga are climbing the snowy mountain accompanied by the Matagi
    >Kuga fills Souma in on the battle royale (apparently he learned of it secondhand)
    >Hayama wrecks the second and third years, survives till the end and joins the Elites
    >the other two survivors also appear, but we only see their backs (genders also unknown)
    >Kuga also warns Souma that Hayama is a whole new person from the Elections
    >he also explains that to really make the bear meat work, Souma will have to fully grasp the inherent flavor AND take a different approach
    >Souma notices a tree growing nearby
    >S: "Won't this be the answer, Kuga-senpai?"

    Credit to Royal

    Holy shit, strong hype for Hayama. Regretting that bet now...

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    Jeez already beating the 3rd years.

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    Eizan seems to still be in the elite 10, considering there was 3 replacements not 4.

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    Yeah so he probably got moved up.

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    Eizan getting shat on

    By Momo and Nene of all people

    There's still third years around? This changes things.

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    Hayama the Beast.

    一百万年白日梦冰蚕(1,000,000 Years Daydream Ice Silkworm)
    四十万年冰玉皇帝蝎子(400,000 Years Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion Hyotei)
    七十万年冰天堂雪女雪雪皇帝(700,000 Years Ice Heavenly Snow Woman 'Snow Emperor' Xue Nu)

    十万年八角神秘冰厂(100,000 Years Octagonal Mysterious Ice Plant)
    三十万年冰熊国王小白(300,000 Years Ice Bear King Xiao Bai)
    十万年海美人公主李雅(100,000 Years Sea Mermaid Princess Li Ya)
    七十万年恶魔皇帝(700,000 Years Evil Eye Tyrant Emperor)

    Limit Individual, 'The strength to move unhindered throughout the world'

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    Isn't Momo the same age as Eizan? Man is he getting shat on

    Wonder who the other two will be

    I have a bad feeling that this will just be false hype for Hayama to fall to Souma

    I wonder what could have created such a drastic change, maybe Shiomi was kidnapped

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    Momo should be at least 1 year older than Eizan.

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    Momo is a third year while Eizan is a second year.

    I think Hayama kinda decided he learnt enough from Shiomi and decided to hop on the Azami hype train.

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    Oh I meant Nene lmao.

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    Well, I guess by them saying youngest child, they also mean the lowest ranked

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    Forgot Nene was a 2nd year.

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    Did Rindou actually say 'Isshiki and the other two'?

    Did she forget their names? :/

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    Would be funny that she doesn't remeber the name of the 3rd seat, I find myself forgetting he has a name at times

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    What was his name?

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    Who was the Third Seat again?

    Maybe it's not enough.

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    @Albion; Tosuke Megishma, remember that name.

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    Hayama's hype is real

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    Hayama's hype + Souma's plot armor makes it likely af a tie happens.

    Maybe it's not enough.

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    After all this hype I really hope Hayama doesn't job.

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