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Thread: 182 spoilers

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    182 spoilers

    >begins with a flashback
    >the current six Elites and Azami are having a meeting
    >Rindou isn't happy that Isshiki and the other two were removed
    >Rindou: Tsukasa! Bring me some tea!
    >Tsukasa: All right...
    >Nene: Eizan, you pour her some since you're the kouhai
    >Eizan: Who are you ordering around, woman
    >Momo: I thought we were rid of the noisy little brother (Kuga) but it seems we had another youngest child here
    >Eizan: Who're you calling the youngest child!?

    >Azami sets up a battle royale with all the Central students
    >the three that survive will join the Elites
    >among the assembled students is Hayama (already fallen to the darkness)
    >flashback ends

    >Souma and Kuga are climbing the snowy mountain accompanied by the Matagi
    >Kuga fills Souma in on the battle royale (apparently he learned of it secondhand)
    >Hayama wrecks the second and third years, survives till the end and joins the Elites
    >the other two survivors also appear, but we only see their backs (genders also unknown)
    >Kuga also warns Souma that Hayama is a whole new person from the Elections
    >he also explains that to really make the bear meat work, Souma will have to fully grasp the inherent flavor AND take a different approach
    >Souma notices a tree growing nearby
    >S: "Won't this be the answer, Kuga-senpai?"

    Credit to Royal

    Holy shit, strong hype for Hayama. Regretting that bet now...

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    Jeez already beating the 3rd years.

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    Eizan seems to still be in the elite 10, considering there was 3 replacements not 4.

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    Yeah so he probably got moved up.

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    Eizan getting shat on

    By Momo and Nene of all people

    There's still third years around? This changes things.

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    Hayama the Beast.

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    Isn't Momo the same age as Eizan? Man is he getting shat on

    Wonder who the other two will be

    I have a bad feeling that this will just be false hype for Hayama to fall to Souma

    I wonder what could have created such a drastic change, maybe Shiomi was kidnapped

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    Momo should be at least 1 year older than Eizan.

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    Momo is a third year while Eizan is a second year.

    I think Hayama kinda decided he learnt enough from Shiomi and decided to hop on the Azami hype train.

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    Oh I meant Nene lmao.

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    Well, I guess by them saying youngest child, they also mean the lowest ranked

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    Forgot Nene was a 2nd year.

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    Did Rindou actually say 'Isshiki and the other two'?

    Did she forget their names? :/

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    Would be funny that she doesn't remeber the name of the 3rd seat, I find myself forgetting he has a name at times

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    What was his name?

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    Who was the Third Seat again?
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    @Albion; Tosuke Megishma, remember that name.

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    Hayama's hype is real

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    Hayama's hype + Souma's plot armor makes it likely af a tie happens.
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    After all this hype I really hope Hayama doesn't job.

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