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    The last quarter was fucking bullshit!

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    a sack and that chokehold by the o line man giving the Falcons a holding penalty

    As soon as I saw the coin toss results I knew ATL lost

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    Thanks to Cake~

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    We left the bar once it is 28-3. During the drive home, the score was 28-12. By the time I got back to base, 28-20 was the score someone told me. Get on my bed and google the shit. And fucking unbelievable, it all tie up with seconds until the 4th quarter was over.

    I am like wtf... We should have stay at the bar. Took a shower and came back and check again... O___O

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    the NE cheaters won

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    That was a major comback the Patriots did last night, almost like what the Chicago Cubs did at the World Series.

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    ayy, glgl GP

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