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    Its a funny sport, but the Jets got lucky with that patriot game.

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    2 quarters left. Jets will troll the Steelers like the Steelers did with Ravens last week.

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    Please don't bring up the ravens game, that game hurt.

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    How do you think I felt? It's my home state FFS

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    I know your pain, Im a ravens fan too. Heartbroken after that game ended.

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    I'm a beast at precog. 14 points behind now, son.

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    Sanchez needs to step up

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    Packers vs Steelers, GO PACKERS!!!

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    For once, I agree go packers

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    Ugh, another Steelers Super Bowl.

    God kill me now.

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    I hope the packers blow them out

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    If they don't, everything I know about football is a lie

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    Worse thing about this, is that I don't see the Packers even standing a chance here.

    Which sucks balls.

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    Aaron Rodgers will help us. Roethlisberger got nothing on him.

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    Well I guess I should drop the news

    The NFL Collective barganing agreement (CBA) expires @ 11:59 pm tomorrow. The CBA is basically a contract between the NFL and the NFLPA(owners and players). Why this is important is that if it expires there is a high probability that there will be no 2011-2012 NFL season at all. The NHL had a lockout a few years back so if it comes down to the wire it will happen.

    Hoping for the best, but it looks like there will be no NFL season next year...

    Also big name players released so far for free agency which wont happen if there isn't a new CBA...

    - Bob Sanders
    - Clinton Portis
    - Tommie Harris
    - Jeremy Shockey
    - Nnamdi Asomugha

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    The Lockout is being lifted.

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    Preseason Game with Ravens and Eagles yeahhhh

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    Lol preseason.

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