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    Shokugeki no Souma Chapter 178 Discussion Thread

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    hopefully the arc will start becoming interesting

    btw this chapter art looks amazing for me

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    Great Chapter.

    Finally Central starts to pick it up.

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    Hopefully some of the rebels get crushed here.

    The Commander From Hell

    We The North

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    Tremendous Power Huo Yuhao's Avatar
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    May 2014
    I skimmed through the chapters just for the last page.

    Finally, some trials worth their salt.

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    The chapter wasn't a complete yawn fest, what a suprise. I hope the next trial doesn't disappoint.

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    Nov 2014
    Wow it's finally getting interesting

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    Sincerely Insincere Y's Avatar
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    This was a rather enjoyable read. Glad to see it's picking up again.

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    very much enjoyed now i think rebels will start losing

    Best girl.

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    Finally let's get some people fucking expelled alreary

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    Nikumi is such a beta bitch. Everytime Megumi chats with Erina it's a borefest, actually everytime anyone chats with Erina it's a borefest. Had to read 10 chapters of Erina's bullshit. Wish she kept staying as an antagonist.

    It's been enjoyable ever since they came to Hokkaido, but none of the rebels are going to get expelled.

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    Rindou's about to personally expel some non-believers and make this arc great.

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    This chapter had some good moments, but it was really dragged down with once again trying to force down our throats how great Erina, we can't go two chapters without Erina getting placed on some pedestal and being the center of everything. Every character gives her special treatment, taking time out of their day to coddle her, fawning over her like she's some kind of celebrity, berating themselves for having the audacity to compare themselves to her, throwing out how she's the heart that keeps the group afloat, the Joan of Arc of the main cast, while turning the story into some by the numbers "save her from darkness" plot revolving around her.

    A quality character should be capable of standing on their own two feet, they don't need the author constantly drilling in how amazing she's supposed to be, that's more off-putting than anything. It doesn't help that there's a feeling of her being untouchable this arc since Central will guarantee her safe passage.

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    Finally, a chapter where they can explore Sapporo, though it wasn't to the extent I wanted. I wanted more character interactions as well, the Ikumi/Erina stuff was awkward. There was something there but I just didn't like how she's still kinda attached/submissive after all this time to Erina :/

    Thanks goodness it wasn't another "ha, made you late" central kiddy scheme, Rindou personally showing up is great, though I hope she doesn't face this group herself. Souma being the one to turn her is really predictable but Erina might do the trick.
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    Color chapter is here:

    Man, these first edited pages are quite something.

    That Rindou page in color too.
    All Hail Aldo Jones

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