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    Official Premier League thread

    Who's going to win the league.

    I'm exited tbh. City with Pep, United Mourinho, Chelsea with Conte, Lpool Klopp, Arsenal Wenger.

    This could be a great season.


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    Damn, Mourinho got his first throphy.

    If Chelsea doesn't win the title, atleast I hope Mourinho wins it

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    Next stop the premier league title

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    Fucking Arsenal.

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    White, stop that

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    Diego costaaaa

    3 points and that's a fact.

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    Draw would have been ideal

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    How? West ham didn't do anything? Chelsea was superior. 3 points is fair game.

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    I know, I mean that a draw would have been ideal for me

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    Well, I'm glad Liverpool won because i feel like Arsenal has higher chance to be in top 4 than Liverpool

    Just trying to get a PoV, you know.

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    Chelshit thinking that the top 4 race is something they can reach ever again

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    2015 Champions LLAB

    Liverpool ain't even reaching top 4

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    Not as if Chelsea is a bad team, Pochettino just fucked them up for the first half of the season. They started coming back later on.

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    Manchester United looks so damn strong though... They might actually win the league...

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    Mourinho, I mean, not Pochettino, lmao. Tottenham just pissin me off with that draw though.
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    Draw against Everton right?

    That's not bad imo.

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