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    the referee was was banned. they didnt give two panalties to psg and of course two penalties of bercelona were shitty decisions

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    I stayed up till 6 AM to see this draw...

    Atleti vs. Lester, kind of a bore, imo... can't stand Atletico, so I suppose I'd want Lester to go through.

    BvB vs. Monaco, going to be the highest scoring tie this QF.

    After those 4 draws were made the realization that arguably the top 4 favorites were left hit me. So now my team is either drawing Barca, Madrid, or Juve... yay.

    Bayern vs. Real, my fucking god why. Bayern has a chance, obviously, but the return-leg is at the Bernebau ffs.

    Juve vs. Barca, I want Barca eliminated badly, so I'm bummed they got the return-leg at home. #FORZAJUVE
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    Real might pull this off.

    I think Barca - Juve will be a tough match.

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    barca will win i guess coz referee will be at their side. but bayern is in top form after that 10-2 so it will be tough for real

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