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Thread: Stranger Things

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    i feel like the side plot itself wasn't too bad, it felt more like a giant information pill we had to swallow in the middle of more important things happening at hawkins. if the duffy brother's incorporated the discounted x-men gang in the earlier episodes then perhaps people would appreciate the characters more and eleven's issues

    it's like we got a bit of them in the first episode then don't even hear about them until later on..

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    The problem I had with the anger is how it needed to be "unlocked" at all. While I agree her accepting a different pain or feeling in life such as friendship or love or whatever, it felt sort of weird that pain and anger somehow not only enhanced it, but was absolutely vital to her power. But going back to my first sentence, it just felt stupid that someone had to explain to Eleven that she needed to channel her anger even though she'd exercised her power out of anger several times by the end of the first season and by now should be well versed in how being mad can do a lot of damage.

    It really just felt like, "We need to do something with Eleven. Fuck it. Umm.... I guess give her a side story where we can hint there are others but never really develop it?" It's almost like it was a stealth pilot for another series.

    That's how I feel. If it's Luke Skywalker or Gohan then characters telling them to release their anger makes sense since those two are the more noble non-violent type that would be more hesitant to give in to that. Eleven has lived her entire life tormented and consumed with the grief and rage that brings, so the whole "the secret is anger" thing just seems like a weird route to go with her. Considering who we're dealing with it would have made more sense for them to say she needs her mind at ease and let go of her pain in order to bring out her fullest potential, since that would be a much bigger obstacle for her to overcome with all of the hardships she has endured.

    I felt most of her significant feats to that point were done when protecting the people she cared about from immediate danger. She flipped the van it presented an immediate threat to her friends, she stopped Mike in mid-air and lifted him back to safety when his life was at risk from jumping off a cliff, she pinned down and obliterated the Demogorgon when it had Mike and friends cornered, and she killed off the whole pack of demodogs when they had the group surrounded at the house. This all struck me with the impression that it was the urgency to protect her loved ones that drew out her greatest potential since none of those really struck me as moments where she was particularly pissed off remembering the bad things that have happened to her.

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