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    Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 176 Discussion Thread

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    Hold for applause (◡‿◡✿) Nikamara's Avatar
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    I feel this chapter lacked impact, but the build up the next chapter is okay. I just hope it doesn't get too repetitive o3o
    Color page was great.

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    The Dragon of Katsurahama Nordlending's Avatar
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    Azami didn't bother use any of his top tier men for this, or mid tier, or upper low tier. I don't think he is even taking the rebels seriously at all at this point.

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    This schitck is getting old real fast.

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    He really should check the resume of his staff. :facdpalm
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    tis was ok

    Best girl.

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    Cafe Conqueror X's Avatar
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    How did they even get ingredients?

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    Skraawwk!! Makenzye's Avatar
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    So I guess they made noodles out of bark or something?

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    I guess it's lucky for Souma and the gang that the people who stoop low enough to rob them of ingredients still have enough integrity to pass them if they make a good dish.

    Quote Originally Posted by X View Post
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    How did they even get ingredients?
    Maybe they stole them from somewhere in the mansion, possibly the other cooking halls, he didn't say where they had to procure them from.

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    Skraawwk!! Makenzye's Avatar
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    Maybe Erina gave them some of hers knowing the teachers won't fail her.

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    absurd even for souma standards.

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    Sincerely Insincere Y's Avatar
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    DoflaMihawk's Avatar
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    They'll be forced to cook with their bare hands in the next chapter.

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    Meh chapter, I liked how Souma put it best, the best these guys could do is come up with childish games. Shame we missed Sapporo though, if this arc wasn't on a fast pace it would've been nice to see a little worldbuilding and more knowledge of the local cuisine.

    I thought that was Alice but it was actually Takumi.

    Genre savvy I see.

    @Makenzye; remember that Pokemon episode about Jessie reminiscing about her childhood snow food? That's how that got the noodles.
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    I wish they gave other people some time to shine.

    Don't really want to focus on Souma's group every time.

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    Well, Takumi is here this time.

    I just there's a climax challenge where these stupid proctors won't have a hand in it and we'll get to see the others with Hayama's betrayal.
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    Only because he is in Souma's group now.

    Would be nice, maybe Souma's words in this chapter will either make them step up their game or they just stop all together.

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    At least the dynamics can stay interesting if they keep rotating his group around between matches. It would be nice to at least catch a glimpse of the other groups to see how they managed to advance. Particularly since they showed Mimasaka, Hojo, and Sadatsuki as rebels who passed the first round, and they didn't have Erina schooling them.

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