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    Shokugeki no Souma Chapter 175 Discussion Thread

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    Tears...of blood?

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    The fake hype for the following challenges . . . . I won't fall into any of it till the last round where I believe someone will actually lose and have to leave tootsuki, Erina will have to step in along with Isshiki, or something will go down similar to the Tadokoro-Yukihira vs. Shinomiya shokugeki where they'll have to impress the judges with their cooking.

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    i enjoyed that chapter im honestly really loving this souma erina moment's there really cute also please let see takumi cook again god dammit

    Best girl.

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    Tremendous Power Huo Yuhao's Avatar
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    Always the flaw of making them stronger by giving them unique challenges in a story.

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    I full expect someone to be expelled next if the challenges really are getting tougher.

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    Didn't care for this one.

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    Tears of blood

    erina and sakaki's breasts are the same size!

    Hm... you like that cylinder don't you Erina... so warm mhmm..... :cormag

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    It's more of Erina getting treated like some special little snowflake.

    "Think of all the stress poor Erina is going through!"

    She's the one with the least to lose here, she gets an easy pass through all of this because of her daddy, while everyone else has to fight tooth and nail to survive these rounds that are rigged against them. Why is she the one we're supposed to sympathize with here? Her constantly bitching at Yuki isn't helping any.

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    Because it was obvious to them that Erina was more worried about their chance of passing than the students themselves.
    Also they only passed because of Erina's study sessions which she plans on continuing, so they feel grateful to her.

    So of course she would be the most stressed out.
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    what Albion said and also to thank her for taking her time to help them so they don't fail

    Best girl.

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    i just wondered why they get the same treatment like the others with the luxus trains... i was kinda thinking that either the wagon will stop suddenly or they get bad trains.. they won't ever arrive..well maybe there is still this option open...
    thouuuuuugh..erina is with if that happens she will be expelled too for not reaching exam in the right time

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    I can get that they want to show her gratitude, but I don't buy that she would care more about them getting expelled or not than the students themselves, that just sounds dumb. She's also still the one with the least at stake in this tournament, so I'm not really feeling any sympathy towards her plight over that of the people actually risking it all out there. Ever since Azami showed up, half the manga has been about coddling her with special treatment, I'm growing rather weary of it whether we get excuses or not.

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    The last few chapters have been a snorefest. Very predictable and dull with a boring romance angle to it.

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    Hojo with Mimasaka? Weird. Also displeased that the other teams weren't shown with their challenges but hey, if the main team cleared with ease, it wasn't worth it.

    Am I the only one that's baffled by this? Like damn, Hokkaido ain't nothing to scoff at yet the cooking academy has a luxury system all to itself here. Azami's plan for dominance might not look so out of sight now.
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    All Hail Aldo Jones

    The Glorious Fellowship of the Round Jacuzzi:

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