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    At this point, thread is massive spite...

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    Midora can defeat current Midora Ichiryu, Jiro and those Kings, so if Wings is stronger than Midora as implied, then it should win.

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    Following the premise that Wings could only come out once it gets God and whatever Chichi bring, so this scenario is possible only considering Toriko himself way stronger than EK and Disciple level to begin with - aside from current Midora, maybe.

    And even then Wings should be too much for a Midora-level Toriko to handle, by default Midora would be the only nuisance in this scenario.

    The way power ups works in Toriko there's no middle term: either Wings low diffs the whole group as they are, or we give God to them and them it would be an overkill scenario.

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    @ferreiradasilva They all get neg-diffed hard.

    Even with GOD right now the 8kings aren't anything more than a nuisance to even current NEO. Giving GOD to Midora would make him much stronger, but even then it probably would put him just above current Red Toriko but probably still below a fully powered Blue Toriko. Wings is implied to be tiers over blue.

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    Wings neg diffs.

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    I just don't pull the gun towards negg diffed due to current Midora, but every other player won't be able to do a thing indeed.

    However, claiming that post-God EK won't be anything more than a nuisance to current Neo is too much. Bambina got wrecked hard by God Neo, and after eating God himself the Monkey King was able to send current Neocacia flying with his punches once again - not in a flash or impressive way as current Midora or Toriko but it is their time to shine anyway, not his.

    Still expect EKs to be relevant post-God, but only time will tell.

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    The 8 kings are non factors. The disciples need the fc to put up a fight. But still probably get beaten handily wings is just that strong

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    Toriko said he is going to hit neo with a new attack

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    imho considering all the stuff we know, I am going with Wings. He should be able to wipe floor with all of them with ease. Or at least thats how I imagine him to be.

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    Called it.

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    Tell me when someone think Wings can't solo the entire verse by himself.

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    Lol, is this a joke thread?

    See the current Neocacia? the one literally eating everyone and has planetary attacks? The one getting damaged by Red Toriko? The same Red that is shit scared of and Toriko can have out with Blue for an extended period of time but can't handle Wings for even a split second? Well Wings will very likely be fighting a much more powerful version of him.

    Wings stomps badly.

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    Midora, Toriko, and Neo at this point may even destroy solar systems with their biggest attacks but I wouldn't be surprised if Wings can impact entire galaxies with his big guns.
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