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    Toriko's 3rd demon vs 3 Disciples + Derous/Moon/Guiness

    Can they challenge it?

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    No, it's tied to Toriko and I doubt it can fight against 6 top tiers while protecting Toriko at the same time. I'd still say team 2 takes it even if he's alone and fully revived untill we see more. I'm expecting some huge power up from this dude, but it might not be as big after all, so dunno. There's quite some hax on team 2 as well, Basically Guinness can give his team full intel on the dude and all the other hax are pretty known.

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    Uh....Wings neg-diff. Prime Slime could replicate supernovas and bust planets or two with a single punch. That's far beyond disciple/8K level, and it's HIGHLY likely White will be far superior to even Slime given the universe he's from.

    No way they stand a chance here.

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    Going by hype, Wings should win. A case of pure quality > quantity.

    Current Toriko basically can't handle Wings coming out for a second while Blue Oni who isn't even fully revived could come out for a few minutes and match Acacia/Neo in power. Wings is above even full powered Blue Oni who in turn should be stronger than the Discples/Eight Kings when fully revived.

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    Fully powered Wings? He would finger flick the entire 2nd team based on what we know.

    Blue is stronger than Red, and a unpowered Blue Oni gave Neo-Acacia a challenge. Fully Powered Blue would most likely beat God-consumed Neo.

    White is on a different plane, so based on pure hype and thinking where he could be.. he takes this with ease.

    White Oni is EoS material.

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    hype wings takes it

    common sense: team wins

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    Full power wings wins only thing I can see being a problem for him is the SBD

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    I can see wings one shotting each like jirou did against the bn.

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    How is it impressive that Slime could bust planet with a punch? Old form Jirou's big bang could do it too. It's just not happening because it'd make story telling pretty hard, but I really doubt Guinness putting some effort into his stomp would not destroy the planet too.

    And damn I really hope it's not going to take the way some of you seem to be thinking.. Toriko is already completely over the place but suddenly having a new character one shotting top tiers would be so disappointing

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    Think there is a half decent chance Wings is coming out very very soon so he won't be top tier fodderizing strong.

    He'll slap Neocacia around while the group finishes preparing God then will vanish back into Toriko. What Chichi brings will let Wings come out. Probably weaker than Midora alone if that is the case.

    Until Toriko eats God that is.

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    Wings is that disgusting.

    Red is hyped to be the strongest demon of his universe.

    Blue is above Red. Toriko without a single of Acacias FCM could support blue for a fight against Heracles.

    Toriko with the majority of it couldn't handle Wings for 'an instant'.

    The gaps pretty ridiculous.

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    So do you think Wings is coming out Pre or Post consumption of God?

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    Post. Don't see it happening pre.

    Unless Shima wants to ignore the entire can't support Wings for an instant shenanigans.

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    Well again Chichi showed up with something delicious.

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    I think center the FC can have a factor in allowing wings out.

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    and it's going to make a bigger difference than Acacias FCM so far?

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    Yes......otherwise what purpose does it serve?

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    Get Sunny Zebra Coco back in the game

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    They are not even out of the game(hinted at before and obvious now since he is not even sure they are dead and his comment wouldn't be so nonchalant) and he did not know they would be out before he brought whatever he did with him.

    Obviously it is something he thought would tilt the scales in their favor without even knowing the circumstances of the battle.

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    I don't see Wings coming out until Toriko at least eats God and Acacia revives Neo fully otherwise Toriko would just straight up die and so would Acacia since Wings has been implied to be far, far, above the current top tiers and it doesn't seem like Brunch is bringing center with him anyways.

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