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    i recommend sonic youth. I listened to this and it was rad

    Thanks to Cake~

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    Rush, great band

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    Well I listen to a ton of genres and stuff, so I can recommend based on what i'm currently listening to.

    Allie X (Electronic Pop)

    Her blend of synths and vocals is top notch. It's as if Lady Gaga and CHVRCHES had a baby. If you like either of those two, I would recommend Allie X. I recommend both "Catch" and "Never Enough"

    Grimes (Electronic)

    Grimes has just come out with her 3rd? album (I put a question mark because she had one scrapped) called Art Angels. Grimes as a high piercing voice at times but the beats are hella cool. I recommend "Kill Vs. Maim"

    Neon Indian (Chillwave, Acid, Electronic)

    I saw Neon Indian (Alan Palomo) in November and while I was in a lot of pain for other reasons, this concert itself was top notch. He just released his 3rd album as well called Vega Intl. Night School. I highly recommend "Slumlord" along with "Slumlord's Re-Lease."

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