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    Ways for DF users to get across water

    What are some creative ways DF users can use their abilities to cross bodies of water?

    For example, Brook is so light he can run across water. Ms. Valentine should be able to achieve something similar by decreasing her weight, Moria might be able to create a raft of sorts with his shadow etc

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    Ivankov could wink himself around like an eye-based Geppou (though that wouldn't be utilizing his DF). Magellan could use a constant Venom Road. Law could be in his room and keep changing position with birds or something. Maybe air if he can actually do that.

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    Doru Doru no Mi(Mr.3) can create a raft made of wax.

    Doa Doa no Mi(Blueno) can make an air door and travel past the water without touching it.

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    I suppose Foxy could slow down the water so that when he walks on it he does not immiidatly fall

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    akainu could turn the water into stone
    aokiji..well duh.
    kizaru could zip around just above the water
    kuma could repel himself over the water
    boa hancock could petrify the water
    newgate could split the water like moses
    very good could fly over the water
    sharingu could drive cross the water
    ace could fly
    CC could fly
    smoker could fly
    crocodile could fly
    enel could zip

    many of those are very far fetched i admit..


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    Mr. 5 may be able to propel himself upwards and forwards by aiming explosions at the water with the bottom of his foot.

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    Aokiji freezes it and cycles over the surface.

    Manga canon.

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    Since Whitebeard can grab the air, shouldn't he have technically been able to do a sort of Geppou type thing? If not with his feet then with his hands?

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