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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
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    me love you long time.

    Thanks man. Almost as warm as the burn of a Sentinel's fist trying to crush Colossus while fighting off Jubilee and the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makenzye View Post
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    Thanks man. Almost as warm as the burn of a Sentinel's fist trying to crush Colossus while fighting off Jubilee and the others.

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    Spider-Man: Homecoming

    In recognition of the film, Marvel's Collector Corps. put out a box specifically for it. Read on to find out what was inside!

    The Box

    Nothing too fancy here. Nice bright box with the familiar red lined interior. I like how they tried to incorporate themes of the film into the "Web of Spidey" they had going, but two pictures of Spider-Man felt a little weird. If one had been him in his homemade costume it would've been fine. The other Spidey picture should've just been of Pete in his regular clothes.

    The stuff you attach to clothes

    I quite like this one. Love the aviation looking badge for the Vulture as it's more than just a face and the Miles Morales Spidey pin is pretty cool. I almost wish that pin were either the homemade mask or something that was in the movie, though.

    The comic

    I'm always happy to see CC actually use a comic relevant to the box it's included with instead of a promotional bit. It's in the familiar Funko styling but what's pretty cool about this cover is Spidey's expression giving him a little cheeky life.

    The apparel.

    I really need to just start making these shirts for me, because some of these are really just good. This one is no different with it looking like a standard logo school shirt and so it's not that flashy. I hope Lady Mak is enjoying it as much as I would have.

    Secondary Stuff

    Hey, some mini bobbleheads! Haven't seen these since Captain Marvel and She-Hulk all the way back in Women of Power, and I love 'em. Sorta. Why? I really wish that mini-Spidey was the homemade suit. I really can't stress that enough. But these look pretty cool and the Shocker was a good choice, even though I completely expected the Vulture. So a good surprise, actually.

    The Big Show

    Coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody is the main event: A Pop of Spider-Man himself!

    I really love the pose with the arms wide giving Spidey that trademark "open" look that works so well for him. The webbing is pretty sharp, too.

    But I do have problems with this Pop. It's pretty low quality compared to the other Pops I normally get. Take a look at the back side of Spidey here. Look at the black bands of his arms, and particularly on his left side: It's a weird incomplete band, and the right arm is missing the banding completely. It's really nitpicky, but when I'm so used to seeing Funko take care of the rear view of a Pop it's so obvious this wasn't painted right. I hope this is just mine and I got a bum figure.

    My biggest complaint falls below, though:

    The right leg and left leg issues. For some reason there's a weird shiny spot on the right leg which isn't shared with the left and I'd say looks like a factory defect with paint. And clearly there was a molding break issue with just a huge ol' chunk of vinyl hanging off like them chads in Florida (scope that topical political humor circa 2000). I have to imagine that several thousands of these were made alongside the hundreds of thousands if not millions of other Pops and so it's just an oversight. But it just sucks because this somehow achieves being worse than the first run Spider-Man Pops from when Funko first started releasing them, and the other Spider-Man Pop released in his previous box was just so damn good.

    Everything in the box

    Not a bad little cameo by my knife there.

    J/k aside here's the whole haul.

    Next time on Marvel's Collector Corps!

    So my thoughts about this box. It wasn't bad. A few detail issues, a little quality problem, and some repetition, but I liked it overall I guess. My favorite part of the box, honestly? The shirt followed by the next box's preview. Even if the preview's graphic is sort of a lie.

    My biggest complaint? WHY WAS THERE NO HOMEMADE SPIDEY COSTUME FIGURE IN THIS BOX?!?! If the Pop was going to be the Stark made costume then the pin or the mini-bobble head should've been the homemade costume or not Spider-Man at all! That other bobble could've been the Vulture or that pin as Shocker and the other bobble as the homemade costume to reflect the actual Vulture/Spidey fight. I get that the homemade costume Spidey is available as an independent Pop, but it would've been so much damn better in this box given the theme.

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