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    Create your Kingdom - Guide for starters

    Are you interested in the Clash of Kingdom strategy games, but you don't know where to begin? This thread is your friend. Here's a detailed explanation of how a CyK Tournament event works, from the beginning to the end. In a couple minutes you'll be ready to join the fray! Are you ready for war?

    1 - Signup phase
    2 - Auction phase
    2.1 - Regular auctions
    2.2 - Bonus bids
    3 - Tournament phase

    1 - Signup Phase
    Any game will start with a signup thread, where all you have to do is to guarantee your participation. A CyK Tournament is usually very long and it's not shocking to have it lasting a couple of months. Be sure you have enough free time to stick around. Dedicating a couple of minutes a day is enough to play decently, but remember the lifespan of the tournament event is pretty wide, especially if you make it to the finals.

    You can check out a signup thread HERE.

    2 - Auction Phase
    The first half of the event is dedicated to the construction of your army. Although it might sound boring, that's actually pretty exciting, and you better start bewaring of the other contestants right away. Here's how it works.

    2.1 - Regular auctions

    Once the time schedules are decided together, the phase can finally begin. Every day, the host will launch a new batch of commanders. The number of commanders per batch is usually around 5 or 6. From the moment the batch is announced, the contestants have 20 hours to bid for the ones they want to include in their armies.

    Every contestant starts with the same budget. The actual quantity of these points will change game to game, but generally expect it to be around 300.

    There'll be a dedicated thread for the auction phase, and to register a bid you just have to make a post and write in bold the name of the commander and the quantity you're offering to have him. For example:

    30 Gokei
    2 for Kyoukai
    Ryuutou - 15

    ... are all valid bids. The only catch is you must offer more than the last valid bid for that commander, or your bid won't be taken into account. Additional rules could be added on the actual auction thread, but this bone structure is always valid.

    Once 20 hours pass, the open bidding phase ends and the host won't accept any more bids written in the thread. The current highest offers will be reminded to the contestants and they'll be the starting point for the next phase: the silent bids.

    Right after the open bids end, the players will have 4 hours of time to send the host one unique PM (private message) where they write their last offers. Players can send the PM anytime during these 4 hours. These offers will be kept secret by the host until the 4 hours expire. Again, you can't offer less than the quantity a commander started the phase with. For example, if the last bid for Ouki was 70, you can't offer 65 for him.

    Also, remember to consider what the other players can think or do on their own silent bids. For example, if Ouki starts from 70, you can offer 75 but if one of your opponents offers 76, he'll steal Ouki from you. Generally, the higher you offer, the higher the chances of getting the commander.

    At the end of said 4 hours, the host will post the final results of the auction day. Simply, the one who offered the highest quantity for a commander will get that commander, and he'll be included on the player's roster. At that point, the quantity he paid for the commander will be subtracted from the player's budget. For example, if you offer 75 for Ouki but someone else silent bids 76, you won't lose your 75 quantity because you didn't get the commander.

    Once the auction day ends, the next one will start right away, with another batch of commanders. Note that, although the auction phase lasts a lot of time (2 or 3 weeks, likely) you only need a couple of minutes a day to play egregiously. You can join the open bids at your discretion, depending no your free time and on your strategies, but make sure to participate to the silent bids every time, because they're those that decide who gets who.

    Playing wisely during this phase will influence greatly the actual tournament phase.

    2.2 - Bonus bids

    Once the regular auctions conclude, most of the known generals, captains and other characters will already be in someone's army. At this point, if players have some budget points to spare, they can buy interesting bonuses before the games start. One of this bonuses are... more commanders.

    There will be a list of commanders with the relative price, and if a player has enough coins they can buy one or more of these. It'll be mostly the case of commanders from the past generations or featless characters, but never fear: the list of these bonus commanders will be made public right from the beginning of the whole auction phase, so you can make plans with large anticipation. If more than one player is interested in the same commander, of course, the host will have a day of open bids where the one who offers the highest gets the character.

    This is the moment when you can buy other extras for your army. For example, if you bought Karin you'll be able to buy a certain quantity of Karin elites, if you bought Gekishin you'll have access to Poison Cats and Poison Dogs, and on like this.

    On top of that, you'll have the chance to buy Prep Cards, monouse tools you can spend to grant your army additional days of preparation before the battle commences, ideal if you want Ousen to build a mountain fortress or you plan to have your strategists setting up traps in determined zones of the battlefields.

    Consult THIS THREAD to see an example of how the auction phase works.

    3 - Tournament Phase
    Eventually, the time to duke it out has come! But how do you prepare a battle? How does it unfold? It's simpler than you expect.

    It begins with the host creating a match thread where he shows the contestants the map and reminds them the rules. Contestants have generally 2 days to think of a strategy and submitting it to the host with a private message. Anyway, this strategy has a pattern that has to be followed thoroughly and moderated by the host himself.

    The layout includes three main sections:
    _ the DEPLOYMENT, which is where you show the starting position of your armies and your units according to the map of the match.
    _ the GENERAL STRATEGY, which is where you illustrate briefly what the point of your whole strategy, just to give a sketch of an idea to the readers.
    _ the INDICATIONS, the core of the strat, where you explain one by one the purpose or the stance every commander of your army has.

    Deployment. Can be done with a pic, a sketch, a text description, or a combination of them. This is only about the starting position of armies and units. It's the photography of the battleground at time zero. Be sure to make clear the size of the armies and the number of troops appointed to the generals. A sentence at most for each unit. For the sake of clearness, using a pic or some sort of graphics is highly recommended, no matter how basic, it always helps.

    General Strategy. A rather simple overview of your overall strategy with your whole team. I would like this to be 2-3 sentences but not to exceed 5 sentences. This is not where you explain your strategy, that can be done in the thread. This is only for stating your general strategy. Just let the readers know approximately what you're trying to achieve and how.

    Indications. The players' allowed to write up to three clauses for each one of his units/armies. They can be general indications, possible reactions in case an event occurs, specific in-battle movements and operations. These represent what the commander, given the conditions, must do. All the rest is up to the general himself, to the Commander in Chief's orders, and to how the battle itself develops. Be clear and concise, and keep in mind the nature of your commanders to exploit them at the best of their possibilities.

    HERE you find an example of how a match thread unfolds and how strategies should be. Anyway, You can (and you're encouraged to) check out more than one match to get a better grasp of how this game works.

    Do your best, and feel free to ask if something isn't clear! That'll be useful to improve the guide.
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