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    I decided to let you guys work more loosely this time

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    My bad, I misread your proposal and thought my post above answered it. Sounds good.

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    I keep on forgetting to post this, but I have an idea for the first round: with the exception of me and my opponent, everyone will receive a PM of their map but no idea on who their opponents are. Obviously should felix and Jjcb get matched up against one another, they get the same PM-ed map. People will get two days to write their strategy and as soon as both have turned it in, I will post the battle thread.


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    @Void; That's an interesting idea ! Do you think it would be doable to even have partial knowledge of the maps ? (each one knowing like 80% of the map, but not the same 80% ) And more tricky, would it be fair ?

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    I dunno, I'm planning on giving you guys the full map because it would be kinda complicated otherwise for strat writing. But if you guys are okay with not being able to see where your opponent can station his troops, cool.

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    @Void; Yeah I'm ok with that, we can give it a go and see how it turns out at least

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    do you guys use attacker-defender concept?

    something like attacker side should get the win with X days/weeks/months time limit, while for defender side it will be a win if they can stall until that much time pass.

    although dunno how it will turn out.. so far something like that only exist in the manga for Kokuyou and Coalition War IIRC. Most of the time the defenders just want to crush the invaders lol

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    @gn_x00; we don't, we just leave it up to the players to decide if they want to attack or defend. It seems like defensive battles are frowned upon anyways, and people think most battles will wrap up in a day.

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    @Crispinianus; @felixng2015; @Vassily Hamonic; @Heart; @Nordlending; @Jjcb; @Dai Don Dedede; Let's get it rolling people!


    Troops: 300k each
    All of these guys are meeting for the first time, so no prior experience in dealing with a certain enemy i.e. Tou knowing Reiou likes to use pincers or Ouki fighting Houken.
    In character: Characters are in character except when it severely compromises team synergy i.e. Houken wanting to challenge any strong general on his team. However, if it's their strategy/tactical quirk, like Ousen's refusal to straight up fight a competent opponent or Kanki not keeping his allies informed of his moves during battle, they keep it.
    Synergy: Characters that have canon synergy/familiarity keep it, like Hakurei and Kouyoku or Kaine and Futei.
    Elites: elites can do independent actions but they cannot be assigned to another character. You can have Karin's elites assist Bajio in an objective but he cannot lead them.
    Knowledge: No knowledge since they are meeting for the first time

    Prep: each officer gets two prep clauses if a player decides to use prep. This is active in your initial deployment area only, you cannot scout out areas outside of your deployment area for example.


    3 clauses for one commander only. 2 clauses for generals and 1 clause for anything lower.
    Everyone except me and my opponent receives a copy of their map, but not who they face. They will know who they face when I receive both strats and set up the thread. I can also blank out enemy deployment areas for more of a challenge. Like felix faces Crispy but both don't know what the initial deployment area of the other looks like.

    @Kanki; You will be playing with this team if Jjcb can't play:

    Jjcb (can't tag): 0
    Zenou: 20
    Kyoukai: 40
    Mangoku: 25
    Ouki: 175
    Rinko: 40
    Rinbukun: 30
    5K Rinko Elites: 10
    5K Ouki Elites: 10
    5K Berserk Troops: 10
    3 days of prep-time: 3

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    Berserk troops are the Zenou clan?

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    I'll protect you this time. I promise.

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    The maps by PM look like a good idea
    But a big no to not having the full maps, stop it alias
    Okay to get rid of deployment area altogether, you give them a point of entry, like coming down from the north and they decide what to do from that.

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    Interesting but how can we strategize with so little info on tetrain?

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    you give them a point of entry, like coming down from the north and they decide what to do from that.
    Last time I got complaints that "300k men couldn't fit in such an area" and you've got to wonder how fair it is when people like felix can have his horsemen with poison archers on them just straight blitz you before all your troops are on the battlefield.

    Interesting but how can we strategize with so little info on tetrain?
    alias' idea would just take away about a third of the map, so it's up to wank to decide your strategizing

    - - - Updated - - -

    I also want to run this map idea through before I make it, what do you guys think of a map that has a labyrinth in the middle? I'll blank out the labyrinth and only show the true form when the match starts.

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    I don't know how come people think Gekishin's men would be THAT fast. They're the fastest but they were slightly faster than Riboku's predictions, the scouts had time to report seeing them moving out before they arrived at least. If they both start at one end of the map then Felix would be able to capture a bit over half of the field but he definitely can't takeall of it.

    And they wouldn't need to fit anywhere, they're just coming from there, and the leader plans his deployment without the initial restrictions. Of course they'll have some of the key points they wanted to take already occupied, but it happens in the manga too. Gokei captured nearly all of the strategically important places in Dakan Plains before the Duke who was marching hard could do anything, and Renpa lost the most important hill to Ousen, and once again in this arc it was all about being fast enough to capture hills

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    Wank, have fun trying to downplay while he wanks

    "coming" meaning that they all aren't there initially correct? You would still need an initial deployment area mapped out with borders and this method would render prep useless. Though, there is a potential use as the players can pick where they want to come from for extra chaos.

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    I will start the random matches when I get home and if there's internet. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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    Guys, I might start it today if the internet is fixed, please have patience.

    I also made use of that offline time to make another map.

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    The Labyrinth map

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