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    Quote Originally Posted by Bold View Post
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    Yeah, I was wrong this turned into a pain very quickly.

    Probably just need to keep getting more familiar to it.

    Are there any blogs you read to help you improve

    Thanks man.
    Told ya

    If you're lucky I might still have some bookmarks on my PC.

    I've unplugged myself from the private learning phase long ago though.

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    What language are you learning?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conjunctivitis View Post
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    What language are you learning?

    Gonna focus on that for now. Once I'm proficient with that and Django, I'll get a job with it and look into learning SQL and C++.

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    I'm probably going to Learn Python as well once i finish up Java which is a headache right now.

    Then afterwards PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, XML and Object Oriented PHP

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    That's good. I see Python replacing SQL as the most popular language in the future.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I remember learning Java in my AP Computer Science class in high school.

    Sorts were such a bitch to learn.
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    Anyone have anymore links? The more the better.

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    Good stuff, I'll gonna make use of Duolingo to learn spanish and portuguese.

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    Let's try and update this. Any cool sites?

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