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    Tiamat and Gil doesn't scale to those

    Amaterasu is only Star-level on the moon Cell and nobody scales to Sefar, it defeated everything that came its way without exception.

    Anyway, Goetia confirmed the strongest on Earth to have ever lived.

    BB and Formal wear servants are hilariously more powerful. BB was stated to be stronger than the beasts 3 years before we knew anything about them.

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    BB always was hilarious stupidly overpowered, she's canoncally > Archtype Earth. Case can be made for Tiamat to scale, she's a stupidly high ranking divine spirit and Ea did her in.

    Goetia needed 3000 years of prep for a temporary powerup, I wouldn't really count that.


    But as I said. I'm keeping Extella and CCC away from this for obvious reasons.

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    Tiamat is weaker than Arc

    BB is stronger than arc

    Amaterasu is a divine spirit on the moon cell where their lore is actualized so she within that sphere is literally sun-level.

    No way any non-CCC character can scale.

    Anyway. What's this about needing 7 grand servants for PM. I thought that referred to counter guardians.

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    That does in fact refer to counter guardians. There was a big discussion about that but the raw proved it was CGs that are required to restraing a beast.

    Grands are special cases that protect the world when a giant threat pops up, the Beasts are an example, the parallel threw many off. Not just you.

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    Got a source for that?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also kind of salty Gil got no feats at the end.

    Expected him to fuck shit up due to not being at the pillars. He literally just came there to talk shit and leave.

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    Are you going to make me dig through hundreds of pages of Beasts Layer threads

    Gil comes in to talk shit and leave. That's perfectly in character.

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    Digging through BL threads

    GG Y

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    I bled for this.
    Comptiq 2005-09 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A
    Q: About the power comparison between Arc and Servants, would the Arc being compared be the 30% one or the full one?
    A: That would be the 30% Arc. It takes 7 Counter Guardians to control the Primate Murder and the Servants of the Grail War are based on these.

    R: もともと某プライミッツマーダーを御するには七騎の守護者が必要とされており、聖杯戦争の七騎 のサーヴァン トというのはこれになぞらえているらしいですよ、どうにも 。
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    Good man

    PM confirmed shit-tier for getting roped in by 7 EMIYAs

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    Eh, him beeing be able to be restrained by 7 Counter Guardians, ergo powered by the world to an extent is probably more conceptual.

    The feat he pulls of at the end is something that not even True Magic would be capable off, and he even notes he can just give Mashu a normal lifespan, as he isn't at full power.

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    Tamamo notes in her interlude that her 9-tailed form is a calamity one the same level as mastermind behind the Grand Orders. So Goetia definitely scales to her. AAS is out of the question.

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    Really need to read the translations in Grand Order more often.

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    tfw we reached star level in non CCC-related material.

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    Yeah I knew that.

    But still I can't put my thoughts on this due to my knowledge being so limited.

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    Extella material TN:
    'This approaches the Gold-Fur White-Face in her nine-tailed form (387,420,489) - an amount of energy on the level of a sun.'

    Tamamo states in her interlude, quote
    'My 9-tailed form is a calamity on the level of the mastermind behind the Grand Orders!' basically putting the two of them on the same level.

    Now, it's true within the moon cell the actual legends are conceptualised, but the PL statement of Amaterasu referred to her in general.

    So Goetia ~ Amaterasu.
    Ars Armadel Salomonis is something he specifically prepared (he absorbed the entire produced energy of human 'history' for 3000 years) to go back in time to the very beginning of the planet (a couple billion years) so he can recreate it in his own image. He uses the energy gathered to attack you in the Grand Order, he can do that and still pull through with his plan since they're in Solomons Reality Marble, Ars Paulina, where energy cannot be 'lost'.

    So logically speaking, AAS is leagues above the two of them who already are Star Level. Meaning that attack is scary as fuck.

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    That makes sense.

    That really doesn't change this tier list though since Amaterasu isn't included here right?

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    It has no direct implications for the list itself, naw.

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    so if I add Kiara, am I obligated to add CCC versions of servants?

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    It depends on how she stacks compared to herself in CCC.

    If the powerlevel is the same, we'll be able to properly scale. CCC servants took her down solo.

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