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    Welcome to the Meta Battledome!

    This is the place where you discuss series, characters or other concepts on a technical level, this can include profiles, calcs or tier lists. All other questions regarding technicalities or workings that are related to battledome mechanics and the like also fit in here.

    In regards to calculations, here are a couple guidelines to be followed:

    Refer to these threads if you're looking for the useable values or categorizations:

    -Pixel Scaling is more consistent the less pages you use, ie. the fewer steps in the scaling, the more reliable it is.
    -Direct scaling is more reliable than Angsizing.
    -In-Game cutscenes are fair game, player manipulated variables are not.
    -Durability feats from explosions do NOT get the entire yield, unless the person taking it is at it's epicenter.
    -The more "lowballs" the calc contains the more believable it is.
    -if a feat goes against author intent cannot be used.

    You have to prove:
    -Lasers or character generated "light" of any kind in question does in fact move at the speed of light, many authors underestimate what they're throwing around.
    -Vaporization, it's more likely to be pulverization in most cases.

    Standard assumptions:
    -Assume 1G unless there are direct statements suggesting a difference
    -for the destruction of cosmic bodies assume earth sized if regarded to as planet.
    -for creation feats of stars or other cosmic bodies, use GBE
    -Rule of thumb, unless contradicted or stated otherwise, use earth standards.

    -Use one characters speed to derive anothers, this leads to inflation.
    -Use superhuman statistics to derive a speed, same reason as above.
    -Take statements at face value when they grossly contradict what was shown
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