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    To address the rep issue in the popularity tournament, I don't think it will be a big problem.

    It never came into play in the last tournament, people would get 24'd before they would be able to buy enough people to make a huge difference, and rep rules are still in effect so if shady stuff is going on to gain leads it really wouldn't be too difficult to peg it down and deal with the issue as long as you keep a somewhat vigilant eye. Underhanded tactics aren't exactly forbidden here anyways.

    What do you guys feel about the nomination method of mentioning and seconding posters to get into the lineup? I personally feel it led to a solid lineup last time around, but I did get one comment telling me they didn't like it.

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    I personally hate the seconding thing, too much clutter in one thread. Just let people get as many nominations as they want, then run multiple choice prelims to get your main tournament 64 or whatever.

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    i think regardless of the nomination method you use, the final list of 64 participants is gonna end up looking pretty similar every time just because having 64 choices lowers the variance on it by a lot

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    I'm for the seconding way this time. Having members prelims doesn't seem exciting, and we'll just make it longer when we can get 64 entries in two or three days with the old method.

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