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    True, but Nintendo has also been known to stuff franchises in the fridge even if they were very well regarded with sizeable fanbases.

    They had Metroid sitting on the shelf for a good while because of the atrocity known as Other M, Star Fox had over a decade gap between Assault and Zero, and F-Zero is sitting around 15 years without a proper release.

    Now obviously Mario has more protection being the flagship character of Nintendo, but we're talking about a spinoff brand with his name on it rather than a mainline Mario game. If they don't feel the franchise is working than they can pull the plug and still ride good on that Mario name through his dozens of other spinoff titles and main series games.

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    I know this is off topic, but stuff like Other M and by extension, Sonic 2006 are the reasons why I don't have any Metroid or Sonic games anymore. Even if I do like some of their games.

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