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Thread: Fairy Tail

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    Well I guess it's not the right place for that but since I've seen Rax mention it: why do you say SnK is dead? I didn't notice that and ar least where I live it seems to be gaining momentum (the number of people who read or watch it seems to have increased in the latter months)

    And back on topic, I was wondering why you always bring character's strength in debates about manga quality? I mean, I like Gintama more than Fairy Tail but I have no problem accepting the fact that Gintoki would get trashed by Natsu
    Do you really believe that the strength of the verse has something to do with the quality of a manga? (considering there are a lot of heated debates on this thread I feel like I need to add that it is a serious question and that it is not meant to be an attack towards you, it's just that I noticed you making many calcs and talking about it pretty often)

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    FT is a stronger verse and has a better plot so lol.

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    Who cares about AoT?

    It's crap

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