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    Quote Originally Posted by Money Conversations View Post
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    Why not? And what do you mean by bolded?
    as i said, it's hard for me to come up with example that don't require unnecessarily long contextualization. But i'm sure you'll experience it yourself soon enough if you still haven't. Try to always be as honest as it gets, and you'll eventually stumble into a wall of sensibility. Then you'll have to decide whether to stick with the principle of being honest and break through, or stop at the wall and turn around.

    There are plenty of women who don't beat around the bush and are straight to the point about how they feel. It's simple. As an example, if your woman put her feet on the dash and you didn't like it, wouldn't you tell her instead of being passive aggressive and grumpy about it?
    even the bluntest people i knew had something they didn't get to communicate through words. It's just normal and very human, it's just more common in women and even there to different shades. But you don't have to think of it as a "her cooking sucks, do i tell her or not?" scenario because that's far too simplistic. Think of it as a situation like: she's back from work and she's expecting the question "how did it go at work today, dear?". Unless you formulate the question, she won't talk because she thinks you don't care, and she'd be happy to hear the question to give voice to her thoughts, but quite obviously, she won't tell you directly "ask me how it went at work already". You have to catch on it and start the discussion yourself. Now, even this is still incredibly simplistic since stuff like this is never that easy or mechanic, but it gives you an idea of what i'm talking about.

    I think what you're saying here is that some things go without saying, in which case I agree. However, that doesn't change the fact that people don't talk enough. Isn't it funny? How despite all this social media and smartphone usage, we still miscommunicate and misinterpret?
    while that's certainly true, it's also true that not everything can be communicated directly. Sometimes, even verbal miscommunication can be fixed by implementing it with a bit of sign reading before it needs clarification or grows into an actual problem.

    I agree with the first part. I definitely rambled on a bit. It was a train of thought that took a few pit stops. Anyways, there's a difference between high quality and perfect.

    As for the other part, when I say "low standards wants high standards", I mean the type of people who criticize or say they want a partner but don't have that same thing to offer. I'm not saying you shouldn't aim high, but think of it this way: if you met the guy or girl of your dreams, would you be the guy or girl of theirs?

    Falling in love is more than just the looks though. Any girl I've been highly infatuated with (one, maybeeee two come to mind) I also liked their persona as well. Think of it as selling a house, Crispy. You don't just want the outside to look nice, but the interior as well. You want a play room for the kids, a TV room, a nice dining can add on here. Once you've seen the inside, you've closed the deal. I also want to mention that feelings fade and you can fall out of love.

    I want love, but a high quality love where it's not just lust and where we're in it for the long run, cause we make each other happy. Not for social media or cause we're desperate of being alone.
    i'll just throw it there: love has no other factors than chance. It's as random as it can get. You could fall in love with people who have nothing to do with your ideal type both inside and outside, and still you could not do anything about it. Snapping out of it is exceedingly hard too. What i get from you is that you want a perfect partner, one you can respect rather than one you love. But this will hold as long as you don't actually fall for someone with all the boots. You can only hope that that person is gonna match as much as possible with a perfect partner, but that's more than winning the lottery. That's why a lot of couples cease to go along well when love burns out.

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    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that I'm not getting any younger. Seeing people you grew up with or knew when you were a kid either moving out on their own already, having a kid, getting married, starting their careers, or finishing their degrees while you're still living (and largely dependent) with your parents, single, only just now about to finish community college. It puts into perspective just how much time I've wasted over the years.

    Granted, the people older than me will say "you're still young". While that may be true, time is of the essence and I understand that time spent sulking over wasted time is just more wasted time; but I feel like there's always gonna be that nagging feeling in the back of my head. I can't imagine what I would have been like now if I practiced on my weak points from the day they were pinpointed. Lack of self discipline and self confidence; on top of lack of common sense and a strange obsession with people who couldn't care less about me and things that really have no contextual relevance to my current life.

    I guess I should clarify what I want/need out of my lifetime - ultimately, a healthy relationship with God. I'm no Christian, Jew, or Muslim, but I do believe in a higher power for sure. I just don't see why that God only has to exist within the context of an organized, Abrahamic religion. I want to be one with God and to be accepted into Heaven. Pretty much everything else stems from that, I would think.

    I want certainty. You know how some would describe America as a "melting pot", in the sense that there are a variety of cultures meshed together in one here? I view it as a metaphor for a pot that's literally melting, slowly but surely. With the horrible gun problem, piss poor healthcare coverage, and God knows how much else can go wrong in this country; it would bring me extreme peace of mind to know that the safety and health of my loved ones, my finances, and my relationships are all secure. Sadly, there's not a way you can ever completely eradicate uncertainty. But there is a way to reduce it. That brings me to what I want next, which is...

    Self realization. Is that the proper term to use? Just looked it up - I used it right. I want to be the best version of myself in every aspect. Finances, love, friendships, health, happiness, you name it. I don't want to be undisciplined and insecure forever. I want to have enough money that I can provide. That I don't have to worry about paying the bills or making sacrifices. Whether that means becoming an entrepreneur, or just being extraordinarily wealthy - I want the money and other resources to help create that realm of certainty for my loved ones and I. I fear the day I have to bury my nephew or niece, or even my sisters (which I wouldn't mind as much if my parents weren't around, because while I'd hate to lose them, it's going to happen eventually. I just wouldn't want my parents to live through that, because my heart always aches when I hear of parents losing their kids). I want everyone I love and care about to die in chronological order. Not that I would want them to die at all, but that's not how life works.

    Last but not least, a loving and stable relationship with a woman who feels the same way as I do. If there's one thing I've learned, it's how to appreciate and like myself. They say you must love yourself before you can love other people; which is why this entry is listed last. The old MC would have probably listed this first, but I view a romantic relationship as a source of happiness; not THE source of happiness. Despite this, I still place a high value on this. There's very few things I want in this life than a relationship with a woman I care about and love that feels the same way about me. I wanna grow old together. I want us to challenge and balance each other out. I wanna build and do sweet gestures for you. I wanna experience falling in love without that fear of getting back up.

    2018 has been anywhere from decent to good so far. I recently lost my job, but I have faith that it'll pick back up. I've made some solid goals that I've somewhat been tackling. But above all, I want this to be the year that helps put me on the path closer to where I want to be by 25. Some part of me will probably always have that inner critic who pressures himself to live up to high standards, but to be honest I think of that as not necessarily a bad thing. It's good to critique yourself - as long as you are doing something constructive with that standard.

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