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    How to unvote from a poll

    If you voted on a poll and chose the wrong option or changed your mind, you are able to unvote and choose another option.

    To do so, please follow the below steps:

    1. Locate the poll you have voted on at the top of the page in the thread.
    2. Look for the text that says 'You have voted on this poll"
    3. To the right of that text should be clickable text that says 'Unvote'
    4. By clicking the 'Unvote' your vote will be taken away as if you never voted

    Note that depending on the skin you are using, the unvote text may be difficult to see. Regardless, the text will be in the same location for every skin.

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    poll not pull

    Fixed it thanks.

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    I find it funny that you had to post this.
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