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    Ordeal of Blood R3M1: GP vs Franky


    1. Vote clearly on the victor. You must state a reason why you feel that team would win. Your vote is voided if: You don't have a reason stated, you have less than 100 posts (unless it is decided differently), and if you don't put I vote for: (Participant Name here) at the end of your post.

    2. Only 1 vote allowed. If later you are persuaded by someone and choose to vote for the other person, then only that vote will count.

    3. No filler abilities, none period.

    4. No character hype, yes Zoro is fucking awesome, but please try and be serious and just go off their skills

    5. Experience of fighting WITH or AGAINST character's are in play. (eg Baroque Works pairs, such as Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas will work well together).

    6. There is no prep time. But your characters have unlimited time before a match where they can discuss strategy and share knowledge etc. But no actions may be taken before a match.

    7. The In character Rule
    Characters will do their best to follow a strategy. They will happily attack the enemy (even Sanji will kick a girl if she is the enemy). Characters have no fear (Ussop will not run away). When left with nothing to do and no guidelines, characters will behave incharacter as they would do in the manga.

    8. If caught bribing for votes or cheating (making aliases), you will be disqualified from the tournament.

    9. Logias are not intangible, they can be hurt by all normal attacks (eg, you don't need water to hurt Crocodile). Zombies character are also the same, they can be hurt with normal attacks, not just salt and fire.

    10. A strategy cannot plan for things the characters have no knowledge of. For example, a team cannot plan for Don Kriegs poison if no one on that players team has knowledge of it.

    Burgess- 90
    Sanji- 60
    Moria- 25
    Wiper- 2
    Absalom- 2
    Jango - 1


    Bartholomew Kuma
    Current Chopper
    Senor Pink
    Current Usopp
    Current Nami
    Mr. 3
    Miss Merry Christmas

    Location: Amazon Lily Gladiator Arena
    Distance: Medium

    Location rules: Teams start out at opposite ends of the arena on the audience stands. Teams cannot leave the Gladiator arena. Falling into the spikes is a DQ.

    This match will end in 72 hours on August 31st 11:59pm EST, teams have 48 hours to submit strategies. Good Luck!

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    "Falling into spikes is a DQ"

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    I didn't even notice that. The arena is such an awkward location.

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    So wait... we start in the stands?

    So like, right in front of us is the spike pits, then the arena? And we can't leave the Coliseum? So getting knocked out of the Coliseum is also a DQ or are we assuming invisible barriers?

    This location is quirky as fuck

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    On the top most circle both teams start on opposite ends where Luffy and the snake sisters are fighting, you can go down to the lower two levels but that is about it. Spikes and Audience is considered out of bounds and you can't leave it.

    Probably do a location haul after this, but yea thats it for now.

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    So medium distance is opposite ends of that platform? I'd hate to see what short distance was like on this area, teams would probably be touching shoulders.

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    No it's one of those locations where the distance doesn't mean shit.

    We're basically in a sumo match

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    Bartholomew Kuma- Full
    Ivankov- Full
    Franky- Full
    Current Chopper- Full
    Senor Pink- None
    Current Usopp- Full
    Current Nami- Full
    Blueno- Full
    Daruma- None
    Mr. 3- Full
    Pell- Full
    Buggy- None
    Shura- Full
    Miss Merry Christmas- None

    Burgess- None
    Sanji- Full
    Moria- Full
    Wiper- Full
    Absalom- Full
    Jango - Full

    No time for prepping or anything, the very second the match starts, Burgess is unleashing a heavy galleon lariet towards the opposing team, his aim is to get this off as fast as possible. We're at a very close distance and he wants to give the team no time to do anything; no time for anyone to get on Pell, head in a portal, or teleporting among other things. Hopefully this will wipe out most of his team; Ivankov and Kuma should live, but the others should get blown into the spikes even if they did manage to survive somehow.

    Now while Burgess does his thing, my other players will also be doing their actions as quick as possible. Moria will jump behind Burgess and throw a doppleman wall in front of the team, Wiper will quickly take off his skates and toss them towards Burgess and Sanji, he will also hand his reject dial to Absalom. As soon as Sanji gets his skate he will sky walk towards Ivankov as quickly as possible with Wiper providing cover with his burn bazooka. As soon as they Ivankov puts his focus on Sanji, Moria will send out the Tsuno Tokage, creating an invisible spear aimed at Ivankov's big head. If this hits then Sanji will swap targets and start gunning after Kuma, if not then Sanji will go on the offensive and finishing him off with the seastone advantage.

    Burgess will be sending out surge elbows and galleon lariats at that time towards Kuma, getting one of the blows in for Absalom's reject dial. If at any time Burgess connects a hit and dazes Kuma or simply notices him distracted, he will seize the opportunity by jumping in and facing him CQC where he has Kuma outmatched, with his seastone brass knuckles incapacitating him and leaving him for more of a beating. If Kuma appears behind my team he won't have the chance to touch Burgess because Moria is there and too large to get around. Should he come up to get that teleporting palm in then Burgess has him close where he wants him and the invisible Absalom will also jump in and sacrifice himself to hit Kuma with the reject dial.

    Jango will be shouting random phrases and throwing chakrams to try and distract the opponents as he sees fit.

    What if
    Ivankov ignores Sanji and focuses on Burgess?
    -This will make it easier for Sanji to come in and land his seastone kick to Ivankov's head.

    Kuma ignores Burgess and focuses on Sanji?
    -Sanji is using skywalk and has CoO so he's not in a position where Kuma can just go and touch Sanji. Also leaves unguarded Kuma susceptible to Burgess lunging in.

    Chopper kicks things off with Guard Point to protect the team?
    -If it survives the Galleon Lariet then Sanji will mix up the plan a bit and get a good Hell's memories on the thing, then comes the lariat on the burned team.

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    I'll get mine up in a bit.

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    First of all all of our Muggy Balls are in Blueno's pockets along with a few sleep stars and smoke stars.

    Senor Pink will also be given Sleep Stars and Smoke Stars.

    All of our knowledge and plans are shared.


    First and foremost Ivankov will fire Galaxy Wink at the enemy team to try and blast them into the spikes (none of them can fly besides Sanji that we know of). Ivankov will continue to use Galaxy Winks and Hell Winks to try and knock people out and support my team. He is allowed to hold off Sanji if he believes he can (since he trained Sanji he should have a strong bit of an upperhand here, not to mention Sanji has yet to prove himself in the new world).

    Daruma, Chopper and MMC will all immediately burrow into the arena and head underneath the enemy team. They will coordinate (plans can be drawn out in prep) the best ways to disrupt the enemy team and knock them into the spikes as well as generally give them nothing to stand on. I want a rockslide to carry everyone but Sanji into the spikes and DQ them, as again they can't fly.

    Mr. 3 is on floor duty... He is to spread his wax out as far as her can, to cover the entire arena if possible, so that he can do three things... carry the enemy team members into the spikes... hold my team down should they be threatened with a trip into the spikes... and hold the enemy down if we wish to get a killing blow in on them.

    Also note that the wax can leave imprints of Absalom's feat, which we will utilize for our team.

    Shura will meat shield for anyone who needs it. In this close of a space I can't see any other real use for him. He is welcome to try and use his precog mantra + impact dial to do the job.

    Blueno will go into the Air Door and bombard the enemy team with Muggy Balls, focusing on members other than Burgess with Sanji being the prime directive.

    Usopp will ride Pell and provide plenty of Air Support via Impact Wolves and whatever else he sees fit. He will primarily use his shots to defend my team from harm, for example catching one of them with the massive seaweed star that caught the Sunny before it crashed into the wall undersea.

    Nami will ride on Fuza, providing roughly the same service as Usopp, using her abilities as well as she can to disrupt the enemy team.

    Nami and Usopp will not group up and will use things on Sanji to try and pin him down if they see the chance ie sticky stars

    Franky will begin by firing a carpet bombing of missiles at the enemy team via Shoulder Missiles and Weapons left via General Franky. If the General is going overboard he is free to evacuate the cockpit and use the same abilities as he sees fit. If he sees a window to use General Cannon to blast the enemy team out of the arena he will do so immediately.

    Senor Pink will swim under their team and use smoke stars and sleep stars to disrupt the enemy team along with trying to pull anyone he can to side of the arena and throw them off. Remember, he was able to drag Franky around at very high speeds, he should have a problem with anyone on GP's team.

    Buggy will, as always, provide support inside of Ivankov's hair. Without any Colors of Observation a stray dagger should do a good bit of work if Buggy aims it well.

    Bartholomew Kuma will aim to repel fucking anyone on the enemy team straight out of the ring. Bartholomew touching someone in this game is lethal and 99% a certain death move, as there hasn't been a shown way to stop yourself from being repelled the full 150m distance we are limited to here, so the moment he lays a hand on someone they're through. He is also free to use his mouth laser to put holes in people, primarily Burgess. He can also repel attacks on my team... however, seeing as they're all melee fighters other than Moria... well, this shouldn't be hard.

    That's basically it. We work to wittle their team down by throwing them out of bounds and eventually come down to ganging up on one or two people that just get overrun. Not a single member of that team has a massive AoE move that can take my team out as quickly as I can theirs.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quick Rebut

    Galleon is a pressure attack... Kuma can just repel the whole thing, much like Zoro's Pund Cannons. Not to mention the buildings being crushed were like right behind Sabo, I can't viably see Burgess taking out my team that is hanging around with just that. Not to mention it's met with Galaxy Wink, which pushed back a giant robot, just saying.

    If Sanji comes into to fight my team in close range he's getting punished by Kuma and getting ringed. Kuma and Ivankov aren't really separating at all this fight.

    Burgess won't be able to get a good hit on Kuma before he gets repeled if he jumped in. Kuma has shown keen reaction speed when face to face with a target, no-selling Zoro's attacks with ease and all Kuma needs is a bump to win the game in this situation.

    Your back line (everyone but Sanji) has to deal with the ground literally coming out from under them... if that doesn't cause a ring out then this tournament will baffle me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    (I fucking hate this updated system as it adds it to my strategy, sorry about that)

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    Yea its not too great.

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    Although it should be relatively obvious that that wasn't a part of my post... so whatevs

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    -Galleon Lariat should activate faster than Galaxy Wink. It's just a simple swing of the arm while Ivankov has to initiate his face spectrum first and make the faces to do the Galaxy Wink. In the end it should hit Ivankov first and knock him off balance. If he gets off the technique regardless, then my doppleman barrier will protect us.

    -Ivankov will engage Sanji just like I wanted. Seastone should give Sanji a big advantage in that fight and leave an opening for Tsuno Tokage to connect to Ivankov.

    -Kuma's never been shown to reflect an attack with as wide of AoE as the lariat, and the fact he has no knowledge on Burgess would mean he wouldn't be prepared for such an attack from him in the first place.

    -If Chopper, Daruma, and MMC survive the lariat then I see no reason to assume they can dig around in this area. This place isn't made of dirt or earth, it's hollow for all we know.

    -Kuma is going to focus on Sanji when he comes in which is just the distraction Burgess wants to lunge in and get the seastone, the seastone is going to negate any threat the repel poses on Burgess.

    -Kuma may have reacted to pre-skip Zoro, but that's an entirely different ballgame then a high-high tier CQC expert who has seastone and knowledge of his techniques. Can't really be used as evidence that he won't get bodied by Burgess in a physical confrontation.

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    First of all, if they can dig through the stone floor of Goroda plaza (or whatever the fishman plaza was called) then they should be completely fine here.

    Second, if Kuma can grab all the air out of the sky to CREATE Ursa Shock he should be completely fine pushing back the air/shockwave you are sending my way. I just instructed him to act defensively for my team as he tries to push anyone who comes at us out of bounds.

    And then you still have to deal with all the wax/pink/ground collapsing/air squad that is pelting your team with deterrents... Like, your team is heavily hindered in this situation, it isn't a question of power levels it's a question of how much shit your guys can fight in with all of this going on.

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    Lariat should be launched first but given the distance and the obvious gesture of the attack it should be noticeable attack. I do think it can be repelled and with the distance I do think Kuma can react to an attack like that, it is simply compressed air which he has shown to be able to manipulate with his paws. I don't think the AOE that was shown was too large too, it was just a building's width roughly given the panel

    I disagree with the Arena being hollow

    Thats just initial thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by V View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Lariat should be launched first but given the distance and the obvious gesture of the attack it should be noticeable attack. I do think it can be repelled and with the distance I do think Kuma can react to an attack like that, it is simply compressed air which he has shown to be able to manipulate with his paws. I don't think the AOE that was shown was too large too, it was just a building's width roughly given the panel

    I disagree with the Arena being hollow

    Thats just initial thoughts
    What distance? We're about 20 feet away at most and this "obvious gesture" is just Burgess swinging his arm. The air pressure sent out by the lariat isn't a solid bod, which means it shouldn't all stay together when repelled, and Kuma's never repelled anything but concentrated attacks anyways. The wax and stuff won't matter because my powerhouse players are closing the distance to your team fast, at that point collapsing the ground under Burgess and stuff is the same as collapsing the ground under Kuma and Ivankov, but I have the only flying dude.

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    "I have the only flying dude"

    Pell and Fuza can't fly then I suppose.

    Doesn't matter where you are on the arena, so long as my underground team is underground you're going to have a hell of a time beating me without getting rung out or without having attacks on too many fronts to beat my main players.

    And again, while they may not do massive damage (although they fucked up pure beef cakes in impel down) the muggy balls from Blueno's air dimension, Usopp's fire, Nami's weather, my underground squad and Mr 3 should provide plenty of support for Kuma and Ivankov, not to mention Buggy's knives flying all over the place anywhere near Ivankov, which should provide good distraction for my team. I have the numbers advantage along with a one-touch KO, which is deadly. Basically, your team has too much shit to keep track of, considering all of my moves are happening at the same time.

    I haven't even mentioned Franky's arsenal just raining on you, not to mention with you ignoring him completely in your strategy he has plenty of time to get in a General Cannon which would send a good chunk of your team flying on a direct hit.

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    Currently leaning towards Franky. I will check up on this later.

    The real world is cold! The real world doesn't care about spirit! You want to be a hero? Then play the part and die like every other Huntsman in history! As for me, I'll do what I do best: lie, steal, cheat and survive!

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    Vote for me leaners, you won't regret propelling Franky into the finals :jirou

    Not to mention there's like 3 hours left in this if I'm correct

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    Vote for me please <3
    @Nordlending ; @V ;

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