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    Ordeal of Blood R2M4: White vs Great Potato

    1. Vote clearly on the victor. You must state a reason why you feel that team would win. Your vote is voided if: You don't have a reason stated, you have less than 100 posts (unless it is decided differently), and if you don't put I vote for: (Participant Name here) at the end of your post.

    2. Only 1 vote allowed. If later you are persuaded by someone and choose to vote for the other person, then only that vote will count.

    3. No filler abilities, none period.

    4. No character hype, yes Zoro is fucking awesome, but please try and be serious and just go off their skills

    5. Experience of fighting WITH or AGAINST character's are in play. (eg Baroque Works pairs, such as Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas will work well together).

    6. There is no prep time. But your characters have unlimited time before a match where they can discuss strategy and share knowledge etc. But no actions may be taken before a match.

    7. The In character Rule
    Characters will do their best to follow a strategy. They will happily attack the enemy (even Sanji will kick a girl if she is the enemy). Characters have no fear (Ussop will not run away). When left with nothing to do and no guidelines, characters will behave incharacter as they would do in the manga.

    8. If caught bribing for votes or cheating (making aliases), you will be disqualified from the tournament.

    9. Logias are not intangible, they can be hurt by all normal attacks (eg, you don't need water to hurt Crocodile). Zombies character are also the same, they can be hurt with normal attacks, not just salt and fire.

    10. A strategy cannot plan for things the characters have no knowledge of. For example, a team cannot plan for Don Kriegs poison if no one on that players team has knowledge of it.

    Burgess- 90
    Sanji- 60
    Moria- 25
    Wiper- 2
    Absalom- 2
    Jango - 1

    Blackbeard (Pre-gura, Blackhole range is 50M radius) - 110
    Enel - 25
    Yeti Cool Bros - 25
    Current Usopp - 5
    Current Brooke- 10
    Wiper- 2
    Miss Merrychristmas - 1
    Pell - 1
    Ohm - 1

    Location: Loguetown
    Distance: Short (100m)

    Rules: Teams start on opposite sides of the plaza with the execution platform in the middle. Teams can not leave the plaza.
    @Great Potato; @Zoro;

    Match will last for 72 hours ending on August 24 6:30pm est, participants have 48 hours to submit their strategy. Good luck!
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    How much did White have to pay you to steal Jango from my team?

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    I will wait for GP to post his strat first, I dont trust that he wont cheat in this match

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    You can send me the strats via PM

    Sorry about that GP

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    You guys have about 7 hours to submit your strategy, if neither of you two make it to the deadline the match will be extended by another 24 hours.

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    I forgot about this, but oh shit, I just realized who I'm up against. Lol at how he wants me to go first so he can read my strategy.

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    You both have 24 hours to post your strategy's
    @Great Potato; @Zoro;

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    Blackbeard (Pre-gura, Blackhole range is 50M radius) - Full
    Enel - Full
    Yeti Cool Bros - None
    Current Usopp - Full
    Current Brooke- Full
    Wiper- Full
    Miss Merrychristmas - None
    Pell - Good knowledge
    Ohm - Full

    Wiper gives one seastone skate to Sanji and one to Burgess. He will then provide Moria with a Burgess empowered reject dial. In case of Enel shocking the team, Moria will create a ceiling above the team serving as a bit of a shield during this. The offensive will be followed by a surge elbow, burn bazooka, and Tsuno Tokage into their crowd. Ending off the barrage will be Moria swapping in to reject Blackbeard.

    If Blackbeard gets hit he'll be open target for Sanji and invisible Burgess to bumrush in and take him down with a combo attack. Should he be in the air Sanji will outmanuever him and knock him down, taking him from there.

    After Blackbeard is gone my team will focus there efforts on the other players.

    Current Usopp doesn't have much to threaten my powerhouses with. His only notable technique is Impact Wolf which needed setup to be used against Daruma. Even if they send someone up on Pell, my team could just knock them down with surge elbows, sky walk, or burn bazookas. After that the biggest problem would be Brook, who holds impressive speed feats. Taking out the rest of the team wouldn't be hard from there. Every form of attack thrown at us will be rendered inert due to the power of Burgess and Sanji. Rebuttals will come soon.

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    >Doesn't want his strategy read
    >Posts it without spoiler tags

    Don't think I didn't see you edit that shit GP :jirou

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    Under 3 hours for @Zoro;

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    Congrats GP for advancing via walkover

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    Well shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoro View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Well shit

    Talkin all that shit and you were too much of a pussy to even try

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