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    Voting discussion

    This thread is for discussing voter activity in the OoB and the voting system itself. Voting always tends to take a back seat to discussion in the priority of the player, since it's not required. Even considering this, however, I think our voter activity has been remarkably low and I want to get it up. Voting is what promotes discussion which is what gives matches posts and attention.

    Should there be a change in how we operate around here? I was thinking of assigning a mandatory minimum amount of votes for each player who signs up for a tourney. It might lower the amount signing up but in return there could be an increase in the quantity/quality of discussion in the matches. On the other hand making it a requirement would encourage voting just to meet it instead of discussing your vote.


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    Everything is better than losing because there is only one guy voting.

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    Sometimes you wont get more then one vote, its just part of the game.

    If anything we should make semi's and finals require a minimum vote number

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