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    Ordeal of Blood R2M2: V vs Nightfall

    1. Vote clearly on the victor. You must state a reason why you feel that team would win. Your vote is voided if: You don't have a reason stated, you have less than 100 posts (unless it is decided differently), and if you don't put I vote for: (Participant Name here) at the end of your post.

    2. Only 1 vote allowed. If later you are persuaded by someone and choose to vote for the other person, then only that vote will count.

    3. No filler abilities, none period.

    4. No character hype, yes Zoro is fucking awesome, but please try and be serious and just go off their skills

    5. Experience of fighting WITH or AGAINST character's are in play. (eg Baroque Works pairs, such as Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas will work well together).

    6. There is no prep time. But your characters have unlimited time before a match where they can discuss strategy and share knowledge etc. But no actions may be taken before a match.

    7. The In character Rule
    Characters will do their best to follow a strategy. They will happily attack the enemy (even Sanji will kick a girl if she is the enemy). Characters have no fear (Ussop will not run away). When left with nothing to do and no guidelines, characters will behave incharacter as they would do in the manga.

    8. If caught bribing for votes or cheating (making aliases), you will be disqualified from the tournament.

    9. Logias are not intangible, they can be hurt by all normal attacks (eg, you don't need water to hurt Crocodile). Zombies character are also the same, they can be hurt with normal attacks, not just salt and fire.

    10. A strategy cannot plan for things the characters have no knowledge of. For example, a team cannot plan for Don Kriegs poison if no one on that players team has knowledge of it.


    The doctor isnt in today

    Law 70
    Mr.3 1
    Enel 25
    Magellan 60
    Monet 15
    Blueno 5
    Wiper 2
    Pre skip robin 2


    The Almighty.

    Teach - 110
    Magellan - 60
    Current Brook - 10

    Location: Shabondy Park
    Location rules:

    Teams start a random distance apart in within the park on opposite ends of the gate entrance. Teams may not leave the amusement park.

    Distance: Long (250M)

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    Magellan will go hunt every single person on V's team and kill them.
    Teach will go around and defeat anyone of V's team member that he comes across.
    Brook can use soul solo search for the two above and assist them

    GG, V
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    The Three Bros.

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    Why does V have the exact same team as Franky?

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    Fuck, lemme fix that

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    Ill post mine tomorrow around 3pm est


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    Teach: Limited/low
    Mag Full
    Brook A significant amoubt Robin + Law


    Our plan is to keep it at a range since we have superior range and good scouting for the start.

    Mr.3 Will create some sort of large buckets where Magellan will put his poison into it. He then will give Blueno some gloves and let him carry these with him while entering the Doa Doa. Magellan will fill about 30 of these quickly and let blueno handle the delivery process after

    Robin and Enel will coordinate and locate the enemy team. Enel will use El thor from a distance to keep them midly occupied, he will time this with Blueno with the help of Robin

    Blueno will enter doa doa and will start dropping poison bombs through his doa dimension, Enel will provide long range support with El thor

    Law will hold his ground and activate room once the enemy team approaches, if they make no effort too Enel will eventually hit someone with Blueno's help.

    The goal here is to use both Poison from any direction + lightning to catch them off guard.


    Once they get within range Magellan will engage Teach while Law will provide support, Monet will begin to create a blizzard in the area. If Magellan finds himself in trouble he will be swapped with snow clones made by Monet. Once in close enough range Magellan will activate kinjite and flood the area with poison and. Law will take advantage of this and use his long sword cutting techniques.

    Wiper will use his burn bazooka to counter Magellan's poison attacks from range wit the assistance from Enel, since both are heat based we can counter them well.

    - - -Shin's strat

    If you separate you are easier to pick off, with superior scouting we should be able to do a lot of damage before any direct conflict occurs

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    -So Blueno gets his poison buckets and drops them... on Magellan. Okay, Blueno gets himself killed but Enel should be landing his El Thors since the opponent didn't take any measures to defend against this. Brook's stationary body will be a sitting duck and get taken out with the thunder onslaught.
    -Blackbeard's lack of a game plan costs him against the lethality of Magellan's poison, with Law providing backup the poison will connect, and the inflicted Blackbeard will then be much more vulnerable to Law's slashes.
    -Magellan won't be defeated by the Wiper & Enel combo, but since he was assigned no specific target he's going to focus his efforts on, they will capture his attention and serve as a good enough distraction for Magellan and Law to face Blackbeard uninterrupted. With Kinjite being thrown out and Law there to pull him out of sticky situations, then Blackbeard is at risk of being taken out quickly with V's Magellan in fairly good shape.
    -Shin's weakened Magellan is now facing a healthier Magellan with backup from at least Law and Monet.


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    don't feel like voting since GP pretty much covered it

    but shouldn't effect outcome of this match anyway

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    I would vote for V.

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    Magellan and Law isn't surviving against an attack that overpowered Entei.

    In fact, nobody on V's team has what it takes to down Blackbeard.

    The Three Bros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shin View Post
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    Magellan and Law isn't surviving against an attack that overpowered Entei.

    In fact, nobody on V's team has what it takes to down Blackbeard.
    You didn't use that in your strat though

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    Change of Strategy plans

    The moment my team makes contact with anyone, they will use their strongest attack to down all of them.

    GG, V

    The Three Bros.

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    Well, V's strategy should work due to lack of it from the opponent's side. Blueono can assist Magellan with ranged attacks and Enel can take down the enemy Magellan and Brooke without conterstrategy. Teach is very deadly, but Law use Room to help Magellan targer BB with Kinjite - something he should not be immune to.

    Vote V

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    V advances 2-0

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